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     To Whom It May Concern,

     I am writing to encourage consideration of subliminal learning to compliment conventional treatments for a variety of health related problems.  It has been well established by medical science that a great majority of illnesses begin in the minds of the patients.  Also, doctors agree that the will and desire to live or recover is an important factor that can be linked to the speed and degree of a patient's recovery.  With this in mind, techniques to help a patient improve his attitude and strengthen his resolve to recover fully are often looked for by the patients and their family. 
From my own personal experience I feel that subliminal techniques can be extremely effective in speeding recovery and helping people of all ages reach their full potentional. 
I have found these techniques to be very helpful to people, enabling them to overcome physical handicaps, emotional problems and stress.  In my opinion, Midwest Research Inc. produces the most effective subliminal tapes.  They use state of the art techniques and their tapes carry a full guarantee.  All of the scripts for their tapes must be approved by their advisory board which is headed by Dr. Philip Hansen.

 Since the publication of “The Miracle of Jennifer” in January issue of Venture Inward, (Volume 2, No. 1) Midwest Research has asked me to write the scripts for a series of subliminal tapes for children with cerebral palsy and other handicaps.  I have written these scripts and the tapes are now ready.  Midwest Research is now attempting to launch a research program to study the effectiveness of these tapes.  I am thrilled to be part of such a tremendous project and look forward to a future of much healthier people in our world.  I sincerely hope you will join us in this wonderful project!

     Sincerely, Cynthia Pike (signed), Author, Counsellor, Lecturer,  Techniques For Successful Living

                       Salt Lake City, Utah 84121  

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