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Suggestions to help MAXIMISE the effects of your 

     In most cases the more relaxed you are the more quickly you will start to notice results.  Stress inhibits the rate at which the subliminal suggestions can be absorbed and assimilated.  Just as a computer can be slower to process information if it is working on other tasks, so your subconscious mind will be less able to process the suggestions while it is being excessively occupied with stress or worry.

S.C.W.L. stands for Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning
By using your programs you are subjecting your subconscious mind to a learning regime to change, develop or overcome behaviour that is already present.  Time is required, therefore.  In some people the conditioning of an entire lifetime is not going to be permanently changed in a few days or a few weeks.  The patterning that governs your behaviours at present has been developed through the exposure of every experience you have had in your life.  This programming stored up over your entire lifetime is ingrained into your brain by default.  This is the normal process for everyone.  It came there by uncritical acceptance and by critical approval, according to beliefs and values held at that time of the experience.  For some, repeated thinking about situations and experiences provides reinforcement for these patterns.

Although the programs can take up to 90 days to deeply embed a new pattern of behaviour, normally benefits will start to be felt after a couple of weeks and with some people sooner.  Don't expect miracles, just slow gradual change without effort, willpower or concentration.  Change does not happen quickly unless you're very impressionable or very young.

A subliminal program is reinforcement material to strengthen the will to be able to achieve a new desired result, or bring about a desired state, e.g. to feel well, to be motivated, to eradicate habits, enhance abilities or change attitudes without effort or FORCE.  Reduction of stress plays a great part in achieving the desired result.  Don't try and do anything, relax and let the program do it for you.


  • Listen to your CD's everyday for at least one hour. The more you expose yourself to the waves the more quickly you will achieve results.  If you miss out on playing your programs for one or more days, make up for it by playing them for as many hours as you missed days.

When you commence playing a new SCWL program you may notice an initial immediate response as the technique and messages have their first impact on YOUR “virgin” sub-conscious.  This generally subsides and the gradual, subtle, yet definite changes of a long term nature start to be noticed. 
Generally allow 21 days.

  • Volume:   You should be able to hear the waves comfortably – if the waves can be heard then the sub-merged messages under the more dominant layer are coming through.  Do not worry that your conscious mind cannot hear or decipher the subliminal affirmations.












  • We recommend the use of any CD player with headphones or speakers, or any good quality sound system in your car or home.  The programs are recorded so that any CD player will do.  Try to position yourself in the direct line of fire of the speakers, not to the side.  Although lower frequencies can be relied upon to reach you wherever you are, some upper frequencies prefer to travel in a direct line straight ahead from the speakers.

  • Programs should be used “within context”,
    e.g. you would not use the typing CD’s and not touch type for 90 days and then expect to be able to touch type; you would not use the Speed Reading CD without looking at a book for 90 days nor doing your exercises and then expect to be able to read at 1000 w.p.m.  Effective Speaking will not be able to have much effect if you are not putting yourself in situations where the brain can run (put into practice) the new programming.  This same principle applies with most other programs.

Many of the programs are designed to be enhanced and complemented by other programs.  This is a good reason to build up a Subliminal Personal Development Program Library which you can use and re-use. 

A personal development library of subliminal programs is a permanent investment in yourself and we here at Alpha Dynamic we believe that is the best investment you can make.

  • A strong determination for change should be held by the user.  You do not have to believe the program will work.  Belief in the effectiveness of subliminal programs is not required for results, but a strongly determined desire is essential, and continually visualizing the way you’re going to be is a good idea.

Desire to change is crucial for a strong effect.  A subliminal program cannot work against a person’s will, or be used to influence a person’s beliefs without their commitment to the process of change.


In the early stages it may even irritate as it confronts and conflicts with established, ingrained, fundamental beliefs and conditioning. 
Very occasionally this can result in headaches and nausea as the process of change is tackled head on and old neuron patterns and pathways are being challenged.  Such a result obviously indicates that the battle is on and the program is at work. 

  • If it becomes too much to handle leave the CD 

a few days and then start again (perhaps seek professional advice, if you wish). 
Each subsequent exposure should be less stressful, but it must be noted that a negative reaction is not common.  Usually change will be very subtle and natural, even initially imperceptible.  In some cases, those around you may comment on changes before you become aware of them.

  • The changes are of a permanent nature.  However, future traumatic events may put a strain on your emotions and may reactivate old primitive dormant behavioral patterns which have been “switched off”.  You may revert to old comforting habits like smoking, overeating, etc., or older ways of relating or dealing with the traumatic event.  Simply commence using the program again. 


  • Saving your CD’s as masters by duplicating them and using the copies is a good idea, then you can listen to them in the car, at work or at home, or just play the CD’s in different rooms.





How often should you play the programs? 

You should consider in the early days playing your PROGRAMS for the next 90 days without a break.  Programs should be used for not just 90 days, but on and off for years. 

  • A subliminal program can be more effective if you don’t know which one you are playing.  The conscious mind will then not block the message.

For some people, their conscious thinking dominates to such an extent that feelings of fear of change can interfere with the subconscious learning process coming from their program.  Self discipline is required, and persistence.

  • There is no need to start at the beginning each time – you can pick up or leave off at any point – just switch on/off or pause as required.  You can listen for short bursts or play continuously for hours, the longer the better.

  • There is no need to lie down or concentrate on the program.  If you are getting plenty of program exposure each day you can be doing ordinary chores, reading, eating, talking etc. whilst the program is playing.  Nevertheless, the more relaxed you are, the more effectively the program will work.

  • Programs may not last forever.  Look after your CD’s and ensure they do not get scratched by keeping them in their case while not in use. 

  • Write down the goal you would like to achieve by playing the program.  Make it an exact goal, written in first person and present tense.  Underline the important parts, e.g. I am 55 kg,   I am confident, or I earn $1000 p.w.  Try it, write it on 10 small pieces of paper and put them where you will see them, in your wallet, on your steering wheel, handbag, etc.  In unguarded moments your eyes will see the written goals and they can slip through the conscious defences.

  • A program will be more effective when you are in a positive, enthusiastic mind set. 

A subliminal can encounter deep latent emotions which can conflict, resulting in headaches, nausea or irritation.  If this occurs, then give the program a rest for a couple of days.  With each subsequent exposure unpleasant responses will be mitigated.


  • To Stop Smoking: 

If you feel the need for a cigarette have one, do not fight the urge, just play the CD every day and keep visualising yourself the way you want to be and will be.  The change may be gradual or sudden.  Keep playing the CD until you do not feel like any more cigarettes, then continue to play the CD every day for a further three to four weeks.

  • Weight Loss and Appetite Control: 

Play these programs as often as you can and at least daily until you reach your desired weight.  Weight is the hardest area to change so be determined and persistent.  For some people one program may not be sufficient to undergo change.  Often more than one program is required to achieve results.  We guarantee that change will occur with the purchase of one program.  Switching to other programs such as Appetite Control, Weight Control or Maintaining Your Ideal Weight, for a minimum of four weeks may speed up the process.  Analytical people sometimes may find it takes longer to achieve their desired result, than more impressionable, suggestible individuals.  By following some of the other suggestions contained in this brochure – results will be improved.  We guarantee change and that may come in varied forms other than what is shown on a weight scale.




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