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We have two dominant health related programs. This one and #64 Psychoneuroimmunology. Program #10 is in general a “think healthy and be healthy” program. 
This SCWL program deals with attitudes and ideas regrading health. It transmits positive messages concerning healthy ways of eating nutritiously, exercising for your health, feeling good, being happy and enjoying life. Its design is to create a health consciousness within you. Much evidence today points to the fact that healthy thinking does contribute to healthy living. You will gain a positive health consciousness from this program.

This program is ideal for use with program #1 Weight Control. Since excess weight is unhealthy, the two programs work together for overweight people.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #9 Happiness, #64 Psychoneuroimmunology and many others, a matter of choice.
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    It is important for me to be healthy; I exercise regularly because I know exercise is necessary for good health and I am a healthy person; I will think myself to better health; I know it feels good to be healthy and I will always feel good; A smile is healthy; I will eat properly and I will be healthy; I will think healthy thoughts and I will be healthy
    I’m writing this letter because I am so pleased with your service but most of all for what your SCWL programs have done for me. Since I’ve got my 'Better Health through Positive Thinking (#10) CD, my health has really improved. I used to land in hospital at least twice a year. Now I haven't been in the hospital for a year and a half. Great Huh! Your Weight Loss tape (#1) has helped me lose 67 lbs (301/4kg). I almost feel guilty, because it was so easy. I've had a weight problem my whole life. I've tried every diet there is and some I made up myself. They all were a battle and didn't work. I had one little relapse with my health so I know how important it is to keep listening to my programs and put my health as a priority.
    S.F. California

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