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To concentrate is to centre and focus all of one’s thought or efforts.

This SCWL program is not keyed specifically in any area but directed toward a total mental ability to concentrate (to bring together, to gather all of one’s thoughts, efforts, experience or knowledge) whenever needed and on command to aid in any desired direction.

When you concentrate, your mind brings together all available information. You can focus your total mind on any situation you so desire. When you concentrate, you will pay attention to the situation. You will be a much stronger individual because of your increased ability to concentrate. You will focus all your energies on any particular thing you choose. Simply give orders and your mind will bring together all the information it has to help you.

This program is now being used by some of the most famous names in professional sports. It is being used successfully by school students, accountants, and college students. It is an excellent program to be used with most other SCWL programs, a matter of choice, but highly recommended with success oriented programs and all sports programs.
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    I will focus my total mind on any situation I so desire; My concentration makes me stronger; My concentration makes me better at what I do; Concentration is easy for me; When I give the order, my mind brings together all the information it has to help me
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