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In our original write-up on the program we had said, “You won’t want to put off ordering this program today.” Those who have ordered are glad they did. Many were not prepared for what happened to them.

This is our fastest working program. Results are almost immediate with most people. It’s a “Do It Now” and “Get It Done” program. When something needs to be done – You Do It! You are successful when you do things and get them done. Your mind will bring you all you need, to do whatever you think and believe in. The SCWL program on procrastination should be the number one program recommended to sceptics. If they will play it in the evening before bedtime for one week, the results will speak for themselves. In terms of doing anything or accomplishing anything, this program is excellent with other SCWL programs. It is an action program and action is always a requirement with a successful endeavor.
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    You get things done; You do things; When something needs to be done, you do it; You are a successful person; Get it it Now.
    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #11 Success Motivation, #15 Develop Your Creativity, #16 Think Yourself to Greater Riches, #17 A Program for Salespeople – I Can I Will, #47 Reaching the Top, #58 Decision Making for Success, #63 Personal Power Dynamics, #69 Organising Your Time and #70 Enthusiasm.

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