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#15 – Develop Your Creativity –

#15 – Develop Your Creativity –

#15 – Develop Your Creativity – 
Everything in this world was once only an idea. Cars, planes, spaceships, lights, telephones, subliminal communication, designer jeans and computers were all ideas before they ever became reality. The power of an idea, the power of creation lies within each of us.

Don’t limit your thinking. Your potential is unlimited. In 1905, the leaders in San Francisco closed the United States Patent Office because it was believed that everything that could possibly be invented had already been invented. It reopened two years later. Each of us has a million dollar idea flow through our minds at least once in our lifetime.

The SCWL program on Creativity programs the subconscious to produce even more creative thoughts. It also helps develop a conscious awareness of creative thought so you won’t disregard those hunches, ideas and notions about things. This program will help you reap the unlimited potential of your own mind and will help you take advantage of your own creativity.

You are naturally a creative person. Your mind puts ideas together. You think of new and exciting ideas. You are creative; you will get the most from your ideas. You will believe in your own ideas and that is ALL you need to make them reality. Your creativity will reach into all areas of your life. You will begin to direct your creativity and that becomes even more powerful.

This SCWL program is one everyone should own. It goes along with most other SCWL programs. It is one of the favourites at Midwest Research because it works so well and so fast.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #12 Total Concentration, #21 Deep Relaxation, #33 The unlimited Power of Positive Thinking, #61 Feeling Love, Giving Love, #70 Enthusiasm, #71 Imagination – The Teacher Inside You.
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    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #5 The Best in You, #13 Overcoming Shyness, #15 Develop Your Creativity, #30 Self-Confidence, #31 Elevate Your Self-Image, and #63 Personal Power Dynamics.
    You are a naturally creative person; Your mind puts ideas together; You think of new and exciting ideas; You are a creative person and you get the most from your ideas.
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