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The more you smoke, the greater the risk to your health in general. We are all aware of the harmful effects of smoking, yet many people do not wish to quit. For those who wish to reduce their dependency on smoking, we have developed a program to lessen the urge to smoke. Cigarettes don’t always taste good. If you smoked only when they tasted good, what percentage of cigarettes would that eliminate from your habit? As a result of cutting down you will eventually notice a difference in the way you feel. Some people have even decided to stop smoking altogether. For those who want to quit, use our program #2 Stop Smoking. It works when you want it to. People have found this program helpful in reducing the urge to smoke in meetings or in the presence of others who find it distasteful.
The habit of smoking is an acquired pattern of action that is automatic. It is an intense and multi-dimensional habit causing addiction on many levels of being
•the physical addiction and the associated debilitation of all areas of health,
•the emotional dependence,the feelings that cause you to Smoke
•the psychological or thinking process that is often the most difficult level to alter on a conscious level, thinking is often automatic and almost a denial of reality
•the social factors which may include peer pressure and the desire for acceptance
Due to the complex factors that cause the development and dependence upon smoking as a habit it stands that only a multi-dimensional approach to CHANGE will be affective.
Whilst SCWL Program #2 Stop Smoking program was designed to instil new concepts in the subconscious mind –The content deals with health, appearance, confidence, thinking, energy, blood, oxygen, blood, self image, achievement, success and all those things that cigarettes can rob you of. This program is designed to make the behavioral transition as easy as possible WITHOUT causing bitter withdrawals, conscious to subconscious conflict, headaches, nausea or weight gain
  • Details

    There must be a conscious desire and commitment to change.
    In combining your desire to change with subconscious programming, the subconscious mind will supply the information to change and break the habit
    eliminating the desire on all levels to smoke and quitting is entirely achievable
    I feel better when I smoke less; I smoke less and my health improves; I control my smoking; I only smoke to enjoy a cigarette...
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