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~#10 Better Health through Positive Thinking, ~#31 Elevate Your Self-Image, ~#63 Personal Power Dynamics, ~#64 Psychoneuro-immunology. Search under SHOP for more information and purchasing.

#25 – Controlled Drinking- Many people enjoy drinking. They are not all alcoholics; and may be considered social drinkers. It is so commonplace for people to have a drink or two at lunch, or stop for a drink after work or have a drink when they get home to relax from the riggers of life. If it is not a lifestyle habit and you feel a need to control the amount of drinking you do, program #25 can work for you.
Much of the information in program #24 is found in program #25. The real difference is the concept of limiting alcohol or supply rather than abusing alcohol. It helps to put you in control of the situation at all times.
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    You are a relaxed and comfortable person; You take good care of your mind, your body and your spirit; You love yourself; You love life; Your relaxation is from within; You are a strong person; You have healthy positive habits; You are confident and enthusiastic
    It is my pleasure to confirm that I have been using your subliminal cassettes for about a year. My patients have been given these tapes for a variety of complaints: alcoholic addiction, drug addiction, nicotine addiction, weight loss, phobias, depression and anxiety. They have been highly gratified by the results using them regularly and as long as they regularly use the CD, they succeed well. Unfortunately, when they stop using the program regularly, they also often relapsed. It is a matter of each person changing slowly and having a commitment to change.
    As a rule I can recommend your subliminal programs highly.
    Dr. R.J. Krojanker
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