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Other SCWL programs recommended to support overcoming Stress are programs ~#21 Deep Relaxation, ~#39 Calm Your Nerves, The Subliminal Tranquilizer, ~#40 Exercise Patience and Understanding, ~#64 Psychoneuroimmunology and ~#65 Anxiety.

Stress is about the mental and physical tension, strain, burden and tenseness, our experiencing. This SCWL Stress program, is among our most effective. It deals with both mental and physical stress. Everyone has tolerances for stress, some greater than others. The script for this program is one of the most elaborate. It takes the physical body completely through a relaxation technique plus mental relaxation. It creates an inner peace and tranquility causing the release of all tension. This program is one that will be a life-long benefit and should be used whenever you feel the need. The ability to handle stress can be a major factor in the overall deterioration of health.
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    With every breath, I am relaxed; I am completely letting go of all tightness and tension; I feel a gentle letting go as the relaxation travels from the base of my spine to the top of my neck; I am content; I have an inner peace and tranquility because I have let go of all tension

    I wish to reply in writing, to your letter of 12th of June, concerning results I have found using SCWL Wave programs. I purchased the Weight Loss and Stress tapes about 18 months ago, rather uncertain if the cost of the tape would be worth the results. However, I have found both programs to be extremely beneficial and helpful and I feel well worth the expensive outlay because I can now use the tapes over and over again whenever I feel the need to and know that they really do help me. Sometime later I purchased the Overcoming Fear and Worry tape (#7) for my mother, who was under a lot of worry and stress at the time, and she has also found this helpful. At the same time as I purchased this last program for my mother I also bought Elevate Your Self Image (#31) and I have found this to be positive and helpful. I now intend to purchase the Deep Relaxation (#21) tape for my sister, the Psychoneuroimmunology (#64) for my father who is very ill at the moment, and the Insomnia (#23) program for myself. I am looking forward to the same satisfying results as were achieved from the previous programs. Yours faithfully,
    J.H - Annandale Au
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