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#30 – Self Confidence

#30 – Self Confidence

The Bible tells us in Mark 9:23 that “…all things are possible to him that believeth.” Andrew Carnegie told us, “Anything the mind of man can believe, it can achieve.” The word believe is a powerful one. Self-confidence is a belief in oneself. With belief in yourself, all things are possible and you can achieve anything you think of and BELIEVE IN! These are universal laws. The mind you have to work with has unlimited potential.

This SCWL program on Self-confidence is designed to create concepts, ideas and images of confidence within your subconscious mind. You must like the person you are and have confidence in the fact that you can achieve whatever goals you set for yourself and have belief in. The program works on creating faith in your ability. Your faith in you generates inner drive. Optimism and enthusiasm will be yours. With confidence, belief in yourself, a strong positive attitude and a good self-image, you can and you will accomplish whatever you choose to do.

This program is one that is recommended for use with all other SCWL programs, as are programs #31 Elevate Your Self Image and #33 The Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking.
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    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #5 The Best in You, #13 Overcoming Shyness, #15 Develop Your Creativity, #30 Self-Confidence, #31 Elevate Your Self-Image, and #63 Personal Power Dynamics.
    You like the person you are; Your faith generates inner drive; You confidently handle any situation because you are a winner; You believe in you; You fill yourself with optimism and enthusiasm and you are confident; You set goals; You achieve your goals with confidence
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