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Setting goals is nothing new to any human being. Our entire life revolves around goal setting. A goal is a preplanned end result. To drive your car to the grocery store is a conscious goal (the conscious mind sets goals). To get you there, your subconscious mind provides all the information necessary. The subconscious mind satisfies the goals of the conscious mind with information it has accumulated over the lifetime of the individual through the five senses. Your mind then is a success mechanism. It sets and satisfies goals. If the goals are negative or the information you have accumulated in your mind is negative, the result will be negative. It can’t be anything else. Also the opposite is true – positive begets positive. Whatever you spend your time thinking about, you are setting up as goals for the subconscious mind to act on.

The SCWL goal program is designed to create positive goal-setting information for the subconscious to feed to the conscious mind. When you begin thinking about specific goals, short term and long term, they will be positive and you will seek positive achievement of your goals.

The program creates harmony between the conscious and subconscious minds to successfully satisfy your positive conscious goals and supplies information that aids you in consciously setting or thinking only about positive goals.
Obviously, this program can be used with any other program and should be part of everyone’s library.
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    Your subconscious mind works to achieve your positive goals; You mind will help you accomplish your positive goals; Your commit yourself to your positive goals; You plan your life with positive goals; You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

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