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#36 Passing exams with Flying Colours – (CD or Cassette)
The entire system for finding out what a person knows is by using paper and pencil testing, or the exam. Unfortunately, it sometimes creates pressure on the person taking the exam and even though they know the information, they draw mental blanks. When information has been studied, it is in the mind. Again, recalling it under exam pressure is many times difficult.

The SCWL program, “Passing Exams With Flying Colours,” is designed to make exams challenges that are enjoyable. It will create calm instead of pressure. Information recall will be easier because you concentrate on questions and questions always trigger answers. Information flows easily through your mind. It will create a new feeling of confidence within you at exam time. Exams become fun and easy. You will always do well on exams because you will recall information you choose or as you need to.

Research has proven with this program, grade point averages will increase as well as time spent in study while seemingly little or no increase in self-appraisal. In other words, students experienced an increase in academic performance without realizing it.

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