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The scripting of this scwl program was written by a Ph.D./Hypno-therapist and was combined with the scwl process. Therefore, the program combines hypnotic suggestions with subliminal reinforcement. The end result is to accept others are they are while personally growing and maturing, realizing a new sense of self-confidence aware of a new freedom with good judgment and capable of making proper decisions for yourself. Due to the hypnotic scripting, this program should only be used during relaxing periods and never while operating any machinery or vehicles. This program may cause a deep relaxation state.
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    SAMPLE MESSAGES FOR # 373 / The Acceptance Program:
    You accept others as they are; you forgive yourself; you forgive others; you realize a great feeling of peace and tranquility; you accept life; you are aware of a new freedom; you judgment is good; you are fully capable of making proper decisions for yourself.
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