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#376 – The Skin Tape: Having radiant healthy skin is associated with self image and self confidence as well as the physicality that one presents to the world- This SCWL program offers a opportunity to enhance beauty. The scripting of this program has been written by a Ph.D.-Hypnotherapist and has been combined with the SCWL process. The program combines hypnotic suggestions with subliminal reinforcement.  
The listener is lead to understand there are glands on various locations of the face, nose, forehead and scalp which excrete fluids into the one's skin. When one is anxious and nervous, the output of these glands can be more than optimal. One is therefore encouraged to focus, imagine and visualize these glands shrinking in size and output, releasing anxieties and tensions through one's dreams and imagination. There are also affirmations regarding desire, expectation and achievement of the end result (being smooth, clear, healed and healthy skin).
Due to the hypnotic scripting, this program should only be used during relaxing periods and never while operating any machinery or vehicles. This program may cause a deep relaxation state.
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