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Very often ideas enter your dreams at night, and they vividly appear when you awaken; they are very helpful and beneficial to you; Problem-solving is experienced as a spontaneous natural and joyful process which enables you to make the fullest use of your creative potential.
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    #378 – Problem solving
    The scripting of this program has been written by a Ph.D./Hypnotherapist and has been combined with the SCWL process. Therefore the program combines hypnotic suggestions with subliminal reinforcement.

    The end result is to solve problems in your life. Problem solving is experienced as a spontaneous, natural and joyful process which enables you to make fullest use of your creative potential. You clearly and confidently think and deal with problems which confront you. This program does not specifically relate to the types of problems you are attempting to solve (mathematical, emotional etc.), strengthens your ability to handle these problems by bringing together one's inner resources with which to solve these problems in a positive light.

    Due to the hypnotic scripting, this program should only be used during relaxing periods and never while operating any machinery or vehicles. This program may cause a deep relaxation state.
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