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#379 Language Learning
The scripting of this program has been written by a Ph.D.- Hypnotherapist and has been combined with the SCWL process. Therefore the program combines hypnotic suggestions with subliminal reinforcement. The concept here is to take the user mentally back to the time of wonder and excitement at learning and utilizing one's native language. Importance is stressed to recall and re-experience the 'mood', the 'feelings' and the 'attitude'. Once that is anchored, the ability to acquire and use foreign words and phrases no longer are 'foreign' to the user, but rather a continuation of the language learning process, creating interest, fascination, appeal and heightening arousal of one's curiosity to capture and spontaneously utilize this language as you would your native language.

Emphasis is placed on retaining and using the new language with naturalness of expression and proper grammatical sense.
Due to the hypnotic scripting, this program should only be used during relaxing periods and never while operating any machinery or vehicles. This program may cause a deep relaxation state.
  • Details

    As a result of this change in mood and in attitude, you find a great
    improvement taking place in your ability to acquire and to use foreign words
    and phrases; You are able to learn, to retain, and to use the new language with the same ease the same naturalness of expression, and the same inherent grammatical sense which characterized the learning of your native language as a child.
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