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#401  Masculinity is defined as the feeling of maleness an individual has about themselves. These ideas are often instilled from childhood and can greatly affect personal self expression.
This program was designed to help men who may in some way be uncomfortable or perhaps lacking self-confidence and self-image in their male role. There are affirmations relating to mind and body working together to keep the male hormones in balance, acceptance, enjoyment and desire to allow their male personalities to shine, accepting healthy, normal, male behavior, comfort in the male body, connecting body and mind for full masculinity, strengthening their male traits and etiquette as it relates to the opposite sex. Affirmations encourage personal growth, confidence and happiness.
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    SAMPLE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES include to enhance masculinity include: My male hormones are properly balanced; My mind and body work together to keep my hormones in balance; I am a healthy, happy, normal male; I accept that I am a man;

    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are: #5 The Best in You, #9 Happiness, #26 Get High on Life, #30 Self-Confidence, #41 Gaining Confidence with the Opposite Sex, #63 Personal Power Dynamics.
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