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#42 Frigidity- is a very common condition for individuals to experience. Unresponsive, unloving, undersexed, are all terms that describe frigidity.  Psychologically, there may be many reasons why an individual does not allow themselves to feel the warmth and the sensuality of a loving experience.  In most cases, it is mostly psychological and not physical in nature.
This SCWL program is designed to create an expectancy in regard to love. Learn to expect love and warmth, expect to experience sensuous feelings, expect to enjoy love, expect to experience orgasms and they will happen for you. You will look forward to the experience. The program simply works at creating natural responses that most people experience regularly.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are #6 Sex, #19 Mutual Sexual Satisfaction, #41 Gaining Confidence with the Opposite Sex, #61 Feeling Love, Giving Love, #62 Family Development Through Love, Harmony and Respect.
When 2 or more programs are used in combination the results are quicker and more lasting.
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    You expect making love to be a warm and memorable experience and it will be; You respond to the male body; You are stimulated by sexual contact; You are a sensuous warm person and you enjoy making love
    I purchased your CD to attempt to overcome some really rigid ideas instilled upon me by my mother who had firm ideas regarding sexuality and these beliefs were stopping me from having good feelings about myself. I hoped that this system of subliminal messages and the program itself for frigidity would help me as I really wanted to expose myself to loving more in my relationship with my partner. I have used the program now for 2 months and felt amazingly free from this problem. I continue to feel very open and optimistic and more loving and hope that long term change will occur for me. Thankyou the program is awesome.
    JK Orlando
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