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Overcoming Unwanted Habits-
#425 - Free of Harmful Drugs
Dependence upon drugs is always the result of a deeper, less obvious problem.Trauma, depression, frustration, unhappiness, anxiety, stress, tension, low self esteem and personality associated with denial, rejection, self- indulgence may contribute to the attraction to drugs. Addiction may act as a way to immediately and temporarily give relief to life through euphoria. This causes long term debilitation to the person on all levels of being. The relief is temporary and gives way to habit, disease and breakdown physically, mentally and emotionally.The brain becomes dependent upon the stimulation offered it and an acquired pattern of addiction develops. Due to these complex factors that cause the development of the habit, especially drug dependence, a multi-dimensional approach to CHANGE will be the only affective method to bring about change, but There must be a conscious desire and commitment to change.
Drug dependence, therefore, is an intense and multi-dimensional habit causing craving on many levels-
The physical addiction and the associated debilitation of all areas of health, The emotional dependence, The psychological or thinking process that is often the most difficult level to alter on a conscious level, thinking is often automatic and almost a denial of reality: The social factors
The SCWL program #425 is designed to instil new concepts into the subconscious mind in order to break free, through improving attitudes on all levels of being including self- image. The use of street drugs and the overuse of prescription drugs is in epidemic proportion today. This program concerns itself with this area of abuse using concepts that help to develop self- esteem, self loving and rebuild the willpower.
The program keys on enjoyment, feeling good, achievement, being happy and healthy, developing confidence and a new sense of well being without drugs.
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    You feel good about yourself; You choose to be a happy healthy person; You are in control of your mind, your body and your spirit; You use only those drugs prescribed for you for better health; You are responsible to yourself; You see yourself as a calm, responsible, loving person
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