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#429 Free from Cocaine

#429 Free from Cocaine

The focus of this program is on rejecting cocaine and crack, to stay clean, healthy and cocaine free and on creating a mind set that will help say ‘NO’ to drugs and to improve confidence and self esteem to rebuild life energy and thinking.
IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED the use of at least one other health related program or discipline program to be used in association with drug relief programs.
Other SCWL programs recommended for use with these programs are
#3 Stress Control #11 Success motivation
#7 Overcoming Fear & Worry #14 Stop procrastination
#8 Depression#26 Get high on Life
#9 Happiness#31 Elevate Your Self-Image
#10 Better Health through Positive Thinking#43 Increased Vitality,
#64 Psychoneuroimmunology#47 Developing a Winners Attitude
#26 Get high on Life#61 Feeling Love & Giving Love
#79 Self Discipline
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    This program deals with self-acceptance, confidence, feeling happy and secure. It contains affirmations to break free of dependency of harmful drugs and willpower to say ‘no’- Assists in managing and taking control of your life- with affirmations to assist in enjoyment of life, restore purpose, live a clean life, healthy and happy free from harmful drugs-
    #529: COCAIN ABUSE
    I am straight; My friends are straight; I respect my body; I protect my health;
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