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The activity exercise keeps the human machine fine tuned. 
If you maintain your car, your lawnmower or any other equipment you own, why not do it for yourself? The most difficult part of exercise is getting started and forming the regular habit of exercise.

The SCWL Exercise program was designed to create exercise consciousness. You will increase your awareness of the importance of exercise. You will develop an exercise habit. You will be healthier, happier, feel better, control your weight and improve your general physical condition.
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    You exercise daily; Your blood flow is regular and normal when you exercise; You are healthy because you exercise; Your physical condition improves every day in every way; Exercising makes you feel good

    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique: The SCWL Exercise program is recommended for use with any of the habit programs, Weight Control, Smoking, Alcohol and Nail Biting. We also recommend using it with Bowling, Golf and Tennis programs. Specifically recommended programs for use with Exercise are programs #10 Better Health Through Positive Thinking, #45 Body Toning Through Mental Imagery, #46 Achievement Through Physical Endurance, and #64 Psychoneuroimmunology.
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