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 #45 – Body Toning Through Mental Imagery – (cassette or CD)
Developing the body is much more than simply exercising. Results take work! It is a relatively slow process and it takes consistent attention. People first imagine the way they want their bodies to look, and then work vigorously for results. Mental imagery and consistent conditioning are necessary.
This SCWL program was designed to create that total mind and body relationship, mentally working to aid in the body’s development. Your subconscious mind works on your self-image and will make it happen. You will improve every day, and you will be the best at whatever you do. This program is recommended for novices, as well as superstars.
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    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #18 Superstar Performance for Athletes, #31 Elevate Your Self-Image, #46 Achievement Through Physical Endurance, #47 Developing a Winner’s Attitude, and #48 Reaching the Top, Thinking and Being the Best.
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