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Scientists have known for a long time that the brains of alzheimer’s disease patients contain microscopic fibrous tangles and hardened deposits called plagues.  Some researches have shown that the tangles and plagues contain some of the same proteins, or portions of the proteins, that are contained in the cyto-skeletal fibers in normal brain cells.  The findings show that the cause of alzheimer’s may lie in the process controlling formation of the cyto-skeletal structures. The SCWL program on alzheimer’s disease creates an attitude within your subconscious that you are a healthy individual.  The program deals with concepts, thoughts and ideas regarding a healthy memory, healthy brain and body tissue, normal behaviour, positive thinking and confidence. It also has affirmations relating to the removal of those tangles and plagues and stimulating new growth.  This program will instil the belief in yourself that you have the ability to overcome this obstacle and achieve your desired goal.  This program was written and researched by Dr. Betty Coven.  Research project #1 proved  “a favorable trend” which was instrumental in research project #2, now in progress.
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    #450: ALZEIMERS
    I am brave; I have courage to change; I dare to use new information; I discover new ways to recognize; I see order; I am aware of balance in what I see; I heal my brain;
    Background: In 1983 Lynn Stitz, President of Midwest Research of Michigan, Inc. produced an SCWL program for his mother Winola, a 62 year old woman diagnosed as having alzheimer’s disease. After approximately 6 months, Lynn met with Dr. Betty Coven, Ph.D. who was then treating both chronic pain and alzheimer’s patients in her practice. Dr. Coven re-wrote both the pain blocking and the alzheimer’s programs and Mrs. Stitz immediately began using the new alzheimer’s program. Her condition had not regressed but had improved in some areas showing, as Dr. Coven said, “a favourable trend” which opened the door to produce a third phase for the SCWL alzheimer’s program which is in use at this time. Dr. Coven has supervised several research programs relating to alzheimer’s patients. She is very enthusiastic about the preliminary results of her findings to date.
    Mrs. Stitz passed away at age 74 of natural degenerative causes, although the findings were that the alzheimer’s disease had not progressed since her first listening of the SCWL program some 12+ years prior. She was an enthusiastic, happy, active participant with many others in research programs conducted by the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association (ADRDA).

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