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#47 developing a winner's attitude

#47 developing a winner's attitude

#47 – Developing a Winner’s Attitude – (cassette or CD)
Look at any winner and you find a common denominator. They prepare to win and they expect to win. Although winning is usually associated with athletic competition of all sorts, the world is full of winners in many other fields.

To be a winner is as simple as making the conscious decision to do it, planning what is necessary, and then working through your plan. It may take six months, it may take ten years. When you decide to do it, with your mind, you can.

The SCWL program Developing a Winner’s Attitude was designed to create that winning feeling, so when you decide to be a winner, it will automatically fall into place. The subconscious programming necessary to become a winner is to see yourself as already being there – to visualise yourself as number one. You are the best at what you do. You like it and you are proud of being number one. You know your mind has unlimited potential and it is only a matter of time. Your concentration will improve. Your attitude is always great. You attract positive forces to you, and you will be a winner.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #11 Success Motivation, #32 Setting and Achieving Positive Goals, #33 The Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking, #48 Reaching the Top – Thinking and Being the Best, and #63 Personal Power Dynamics.

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    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #5 The Best in You, #13 Overcoming Shyness, #15 Develop Your Creativity, #30 Self-Confidence, #31 Elevate Your Self-Image, and #63 Personal Power Dynamics.
    I am a winner; I am the very best at what I do; I like to be Number One; My mind has unlimited potential and it makes me Number One; I attract positive results; I play to win and I win

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