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#59 Speed Reading – (CD or Cassette)
Speed reading is a skill. Skills can be learned and they improve with practice. Releasing tension is an important part of developing the skill of speed reading. When reading, most people read as you would read aloud, saying each word mentally to yourself. The skill in speed reading is a process of learning to let your eyes flow over words and phrases, then sentences, then paragraphs and eventually, entire pages. Remember, your mind is capable of handling 100 million messages every second. Your reading speed with retention and comprehension is literally unlimited.

This program uses relaxation techniques, speed reading exercises and SCWL subliminal technology. The relaxation technique portion is to handle the release of tension, allowing you to read without tiring. The audible portion is practice for increasing your skill in flowing over information. The subliminal portion is designed to increase your ability to retain and recall the information you have read by making everything you read, indelibly impressed on your subconscious mind. Lasting and permanent retention of information studied makes for easy and ready recall of information.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this Technique are; #4 Increase your Memory Power, #12 Total Concentration, #34 Sharpening Learning Skills, #60 Reading with Retention and Comprehension.
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