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Other SCWL programs recommended to support #6 are programs 
~#19 Mutual Sexual Satisfaction, ~#20 Impotence, ~#42 Frigidity, ~#30 Self-Confidence, ~#41 Gaining Confidence with the Opposite Sex, ~#61 Feeling Love, Giving Love.

The program #6 Sex focuses on developing Loving Relationships
Sex is one of our most dominant feelings. Sexual desire is normal and natural for most people. Conditioning sometimes creates blockages with these feelings and people become inhibited in regard to sexual feelings and performance.

This SCWL program titled Loving Relationships is a therapeutic program. It is designed to create or enhance the normal and natural feelings with sex. It will allow you to heighten sexual feelings to arouse sensual feelings. You will experience loving sensations and enjoy the total feeling. Loving and sharing brings pleasure. Making love is a natural, sensual experience and the feelings are enjoyable.
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    Making love is natural; I am able to express my desires; I experience loving sensations; Loving, sharing, touching brings me pleasure
    I am impressed with your subliminal programs! I have listened to all of the five I ordered extensively. I have noticed deep, definite inner changes. The two tapes I have concentrated on are 'I Can and I Will' (#17) and 'The Best in You' (#5). But I must say, Sex (#6) is pretty hot stuff too! In the past I tried many other taped cassettes and other programs, methods and techniques to improve my feelings sexually. Hypnosis tapes, meditation tapes, Alphanetic tapes, self (auto) hypnosis and on and on. I am experiencing deep change and I detect a very definite difference. Subliminals are much more powerful and have much greater staying power! The change is coming from deep within, inside-out, the way it is supposed to. Thank you so much for alleviating my frustration in getting "past my conscious mind".
    D.M.M. Toledo, Ohio

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