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#63 – Personal Power Dynamics 
That dynamic personality is within each one of us. We all have a great mind. With it, “All things are possible to him that believe.” There is no real difference between us except in the way we use our mind, how we develop it and how we choose to use it. Your mind has unlimited potential. You are responsible for what happens to you. As soon as you take responsibility for your own situation TOTALLY, you can take action to change whatever it is about yourself you want to change.

The SCWL program on Personal Power Dynamics is a program created to help people make those changes. Begin seeing the dynamic person within you. You will begin to have dynamic goals and confidence to achieve them. Learn to be filled with faith in your ability to achieve, based on a strengthened belief system. Become dedicated to helping other people and know that “God is the supreme power in the Universe” and that “God is the ultimate power in your life.” Know that “God is within you” and that “You are working God’s plan for you.” Know “Your faith in God is part of your personal power dynamics” and that “You see God in your life.” This program promotes drawing to you all that is necessary to make you even more dynamic. Peace and love are part of you. Mutual respect, patience and understanding are part of you. Everyone you come into contact with will benefit from your dedication and commitment. You will attract health, happiness and success. Your mind will be totally dedicated to your success because of your own personal power dynamics.

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    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #5 The Best in You, #13 Overcoming Shyness, #15 Develop Your Creativity, #30 Self-Confidence, #31 Elevate Your Self-Image,
    I have great confidence in my ability to achieve my dynamic goals; I am filled with faith required to achieve my purpose in life; I have a burning desire building in my mind that will create a powerful dynamic personality in me; I promote peace and love through personal power dynamics; I handle responsibility with dynamic leadership; I live and work in harmony with those around me
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