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#64 – Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the effect of the mind on health and resistance to disease. The immune system and the brain talk to each other through signaling pathways. The brain and the immune system are the two major adaptive systems of the body.
This program is based upon work done at the Harvard School of Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital, and Tufts School of Medicine. A summary of this study showed: 'personality, attitudes, helplessness, hopelessness and stress are the major causes of cancer'.
The human body produces over 30 fluids, creating over 2000 combinations, some more powerful than morphine. They combat diseases and viruses and help the body to cope with pressures. Emotional balance has a great deal to do with how the body releases these fluids. When one’s emotional structure is in balance, the body produces proper amounts of fluids, and the body’s natural immune defense system functions normally fighting off invaders. Much has been written about the premise that negative thinking has much to do with our health.

The SCWL program Psychoneuro-immunology was created to help balance the emotional structure of the individual, thereby creating a normal release of bodily fluids, allowing the body’s natural immune defense system to function normally. When the body functions normally, we can literally fight off just about anything.
This program is in NO way intended to replace medical care. It can, however, aid the doctor by being a beneficial influence to one’s health via the mind. This program has been recommended by many doctors as being very affective in building immunity.

Midwest Research highly recommends this program which contains 87,700 positive affirmations. In field applications, the results were so fantastic that the number of affirmations on all other SCWL programs have been increased. We recommend its use for everyone, healthy or not, but especially in the elimination, prevention and rehabilitation of specific disorders.
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    SAMPLE SUBLIMINAL AFFIRMATIONS INCLUDE:My mind and body are linked to provide a potent immune defense response; I am mentally strong; My adrenalin flow is controlled naturally within; my body's natural immune system functions normally always; The flow of bodily fluids through me is only for my better health...always controlled for better health.
    I recently was affected by a viral flu that just did not go away even though I fasted and was using a detox regime. I remained sick for weeks and felt tired and overcome. I purchased this program #64 that you recommended might help me and I have been amazed at the changes that have happened within me- my flu cleared up and I have felt more energy and capable of making better health choices. I really think #64 was the reason for this turnaround and I have purchased now #30 Self confidence to continue on making changes in my life. Thankyou
    Peter Gilbert Bondi NSW Au
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