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Other SCWL programs recommended for use with #7 to Overcome Fear and Worry are programs ~#9 Happiness- The Joy of Life, ~#26 Get High on Life, ~#30 Self-Confidence, ~#33 The Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking, ~#40 Exercise Patience and Understanding and #65 Overcoming Anxiety.

Fear and Worry are difficult problems. it is thought that a controlled amount of fear is necessary in our lives. Worry however doesn't really accomplishes anything. This program specifically deals with handling fears and eliminating worry. It attempts to put the individual in control of their fears and stop fear from controlling one’s life. The program works at creating a strong-minded, confident person who can accomplish with confidence, rather than be ruled by fear.
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    SAMPLE EXAMPLE OF MESSAGES FOR #7 – Overcoming Fear and Worry
    I am a strong minded person. I am confident about me; I can accomplish anything I want to; I have a strong mind; I will become the person I want to be; Obstacles will become challenges and I will meet all challenges; I will achieve ...
    I purchased this program not believing that there would be anything that would relieve the internal tension I experience on a daily basis. I have been very surprised and delighted that in such a short time of playing your program #7 to overcome this anxiety, I am feeling a deep change in how I feel about my life.
    I can't thank you enough, these are great products and I highly recommend them.
    PK Caloundra Au
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