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Other SCWL programs recommended to use to assist to overcome depression are programs ~#9 Happiness, ~#30 Self-Confidence, ~#33 The Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking, ~#61 Feeling Love, Giving Love, and ~#63 Personal Power Dynamics.
#8 – Overcoming Depression – In psychology, depression is an emotional condition, either normal or pathological, which is characterized by discouragement and a feeling of inadequacy. It is the feeling that literally stops all positive mental functioning. To be totally free of depression is a literal impossibility. To handle depression and overcome those feelings as quickly as possible and get back to positive, healthy thinking is of major importance.

The SCWL Depression program was designed to create happy, positive, successful thinking. It will help you overcome depressing problems quickly. It will instill a positive belief within you about your ability to overcome depression and because of that belief, anything is possible. You will begin looking for the good in all situations and that is essential to overcoming depression.
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    Each program contains over 100,00 affirmations-
    EXAMPLE SAMPLE MESSAGES FOR #8 – Overcoming Depression –
    I have many good qualities; I can overcome any problem; I find good in all situations; I am successful...
    For many years I have been an alcoholic, also suffering from insomnia, stress, overweight, inability to relax. After having played the tapes for the past five weeks, I can honestly say there is a noticeable improvement, far beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. The days of depression, stress, despair and worry are all gone and I look forward to each new day with lots of enthusiasm, positive energy and anticipation.
    A.L. Western Australia

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