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Set of 4 programs - $60.00 ea
#411: 413 CEREBRAL PALSY (SEE also #467 stage 4-)
#411:(stage 1-) –BIRTH to SIX- pre-walking
You balance your body perfectly and easily; You love to do things for yourself; You accept total perfect health as your reality; you are very talented
#412:(stage 2-) – SIX to EIGHTEEN- walking/ communicating/specific abilities
As you continuously breathe air in and out of your perfectly functioning lungs, you are also continuously circulating love inward to your body and outward to everyone and everything around you; You can stand up and it is so much fun; What a wonderful feeling to be able to stand up and look all around you
#413:(stage 3-) – EIGHTEEN MONTHS to FOUR YEARS/normal accomplishments/coordination & self esteem/life skills-
Your body and mind are developing perfectly; You walk with perfect ease and grace; You feel good; You are full of energy and enthusiasm when you wake up each morning; You can do so many things all by yourself
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    # 411 - Stage 1 - Cerebral Palsy
    Stage 1 has affirmations directed toward the normal accomplishments of an infant from birth to 6 months. Concepts pertain to simple control (pre-walking) specific to (A) perfect functioning of all organs, glands, muscles, tendons and body systems (B) perfect control of body (C) good balance (D) use of both hands, arms, legs and feet (E) use of both thumbs and all fingers (F) self-confidence. *
    # 412 - Stage 2 - Cerebral Palsy
    Stage 2 has affirmations directed toward the normal accomplishments of an infant from 6 months to 18 months. Concepts pertain to complex movements (walking, communicating) specific to (A) pulling up to knees (B) pulling up to standing position (C) standing without support (D) walking (E) climbing onto and off things i.e. furniture (F) talking. *
    # 413 - Stage 3 - Cerebral Palsy
    Stage 3 has affirmations directed toward the normal accomplishments of a child from 18 months to 4 years. Concepts pertain to coordinated actions/self-esteem (life skills) specific to (A) walking (B) hopping (C) throwing and catching (D) walking up and down stairs (E) dressing and undressing self (F) potty training (G) graceful coordinated movements (H) speaking in sentences. *
    # 467 - Stage 4 - Cerebral Palsy
    Stage 4 has affirmations directed toward improvement in coordination and flexibility, dexterity of both sides of the body. It encourages good toilet habits. It also encourages necessary abilities to do well in school and in life. Concepts pertain to advanced development specific to (A) increase coordination and flexibility (B) encourage growth on affected side and increase muscle tone (C) encourage walking, balance and increase awareness of toes and their mobility (D) increase use of both feet and hands (E) encourage necessary abilities to do well in school and life such as: memory, concentration, listening, following directions, reading, writing and speaking skills (F) encourage good toilet habits (G) encourage good social
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