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What our past customers say:



-    I recently received my tape Weight Control (#1).  I have been listening to it every day and it occurred to me if it was good for me it would be good for my children.  So for one hour before we eat, for the last four days, I have been having my children sit and read or colour in the family room while I played the Weight Control tape.  What a miracle!   After the fourth day my kids (4 of them) actually declined eating dinner in its entirety.   They have been eating smaller portions and want to eat more fruit and starchy foods.  I have cut my overeating habits in half and no longer crave sweets.  God Bless you and thanks so much.  My family is becoming healthier and happier.  Will you please send me another program?  I want to give it to a friend of mine who is about 100 pounds (45kg) overweight.  I have told her about mine and she is excited about it for herself, though she cannot afford one, I thought I would surprise her with one.

L.Y. Glendale, Arizona


     Several months ago I ordered and received two of your subliminal programs, Program #1 - Weight Loss Technique and Program #2 - Stop Smoking.   I received  and found them to be better than you had stated.  I have been able to stop smoking and also I have lost the amount of weight that I wanted to.  Respectfully,

Morris Skaist, Tabtrol Company Inc. (LOF)


     Dear Mr. Stitz,

     It is my pleasure to confirm that I have been using your subliminal cassettes for about a year.  My patients have been given these tapes for a variety of complaints: alcoholic addiction, drug addiction, nicotine addiction, weight loss, phobias, depression and anxiety.  They have been highly gratified by the results using their tapes regularly and as long as they regularly use the tape, they succeed well.  Unfortunately, when they stop using the cassette regularly, they also often relapsed. As a rule I can recommend your subliminal programs highly.

Dr. Rolf J. Krojanker (LOF)


     Having purchased your Weight Control (#1,#73) and stop Smoking (#2) tapes and realising a 50% reduction in my cigarette consumption.  I would like some information regarding your Success series.  Additionally, if you could send information concerning your sales/distribution program.  Again a great job!

B.C.  New York


     I bought the Weight Control tapes (#1,#73,#74), needed to lose 15-20 lbs (7-9kg) and I swear that in less than 48 hours, I'm eating less, and I don't feel like smoking!  Wow!  I'm gathering my money to buy the entire SUCCESS series of the 12 tapes.  Please send me your brochure on subliminal tapes and your schedule.  I think I'll want to be a dealer of these tapes.

J.C.  San Pedro, California


     For many years I have been an alcoholic, also suffering from insomnia, stress, overweight, inability to relax.  After having played the tapes for the past five weeks, I can honestly say there is a noticeable improvement, far beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.  The days of depression, stress, despair and worry are all gone and I look forward to each new day with lots of enthusiasm, positive energy and anticipation.                                                                            A.L.  Western Australia


     I wish to reply in writing, to your letter of 12th of June, concerning results I have found using SCWL Wavetape programs.  I purchased the Weight Loss and Stress tapes about 18 months ago, rather uncertain if the cost of the tape would be worth the results.  However, I have found both tapes to be extremely beneficial and helpful and I feel well worth the expensive outlay because I can now use the tapes over and over again whenever I feel the need to and know that they really do help me.  Sometime later I purchased the Overcoming Fear and Worry tape(#7) for my mother, who was under a lot of worry and stress at the time, and she has also found this tape helpful.  At the same time as I purchased this last tape for my mother I also bought Elevate Your Self Image (#31) and I have found this to be positive and helpful.  I now intend to purchase the Deep Relaxation (#21) tape for my sister, the Psychoneuroimmunology (#64) for my father who is very ill at the moment, and the Insomnia (#23) tape for myself.  I am looking forward to the same satisfying results as were achieved from the previous tapes.                                                                  Yours faithfully,Jann Hews - Annandale 2038 (LOF)


     Please send me information about your unique opportunity to become an SCWL distributor.  Let me tell you why I am interested.  A couple of years ago I ordered four cassettes from you.  For some reason you lost me and I never received another catalogue.  In the interim I bought from three other places that sell subliminal cassettes and totally wasted money I could ill afford to lose.  Last month I bought a magazine just for your address and wrote to get back on your mailing list.  None of the other tapes were really successful.  January to March of this year I went back to your Weight Loss (#1) tape and lost 20 lbs (9kg).  Then I changed for 30 days to another company's weight loss tape and gained 7 lbs (3kg).  When I listen to yours regularly I can walk up to my favourite treat in a store, reach out for it, and something in me says 'no way' and I leave.  That's powerful!  Your Happiness (#9) cassette took us through the most difficult 18 months of our life.  I've loaned your Stress (#3) tape to friends during trials of life.  I cannot order more today, but I will as soon as I can.  Because I am so convinced that you know what you are doing, and the world needs it, I might as well benefit from promoting your cassettes.  Let me know how I can get involved.                                                                              Thank you.  B.G.   Brownsville, Texas


     For the past 10 years I have been a compulsive emotional binge eater.  Seven years ago I developed the condition anorexia nervosa.  The symptoms and inclinations have recurred with varying degrees with each diet I have under gone over the past few years.  I have also been a compulsive chocolate eater, suffering severe withdrawal symptoms with every diet I have tried.

     Nine weeks ago I started using SCWL Subliminal Suggestion Programs.  The three which proved extremely effective were Stress Control (#3), Self Confidence (#30) and Weight Loss (#1), which I used in conjunction with each other.  The following results have occurred.  I have not been on any particular diet, but have found that I am eating only when I am genuinely hungry and also eating food that is nutritionally well balanced.  I have achieved my ideal weight as stated by my doctor.  I have had neither the desire nor inclination for anything sweet, much less chocolate.  I have experienced no withdrawal symptoms after not eating chocolate for over eight weeks.  I also have experienced none of the symptoms or inclinations associated with anorexia nervosa, which is the first time in seven years after achieving weight loss that they have not become apparent.  I no longer feel deprived, which is usually a state of mind I adopt when trying to achieve weight loss.  I feel that the above programs have achieved something for me that I could not achieve on my own and which I believe has made me a much happier person.                R.B.  Canberra



     Carole Tremblay of Santa Monica, California, has been using them for several years.  ÒMy husband started with the first one.  He was going back to college and had always had trouble learning, says the 32 year old mother of two.  He got all sorts of study tapes and noticed the difference immediately.  His memory and concentration improvedÓ.  Encouraged by the results, she tried the tapes on herself and her children.  ÒMy little boy was overactive, he was bouncing off the walls and had terrible temper tantrums.  I got the tapes with fairy tales for kids with calming messages (#1123,#1124,#1125).  He would just sit quietly and listen to the tapes.  If you can get a 3 year old like mine sitting for half an hour, youÕre very lucky.  Tremblay bought some self-improvement tapes for herself.  I was really lazy.  I had no real desire to do anything,  I would lie around all day in my housecoat.  I got a motivation tape and now I exercise, I walk more and do much more.  I don't know if it's the soothing sounds or if it's just in my mind, but all I can say is that they really work!.  She also says that she lost 40lbs (18kg) with the help of the Weight reduction tapes (#1,#73,#74).



     I have thought several times about writing and sharing my success story, but your offer of a free tape for the best testimony got me going.  In February I ordered my first tape which was the one on Weight Loss (#1).  I had gained many unwanted pounds in the preceding several years and was having no luck getting them off.  I have now lost over 40 lbs (18kg) going from 162 lbs (74kg) to 120 lbs (54kg)!  I haven't been at that weight since my college days.  Naturally everyone asks me how I did it and I have sold quite a few #1 tapes.  I was not on any special diet - I hate counting calories.  Since I have a fulltime job and an active 2 year old I have not had time to really promote tape sales as I would like.  It took me nine months to lose the weight, but I really wanted to lose weight gradually so that I would not feel deprived and then stop working at it.

     But that's not all - Perfect Rest (#23) helps me to sleep every night.  Ever since my baby was born I had problems getting a good night's sleep.  I would get up many times during the night to check on her even after she started sleeping through the night.  I still wake up when she cries but the rest of the night I sleep very peacefully.  I have also used Self Confidence (#30), Overcoming Depressions (#8) and Psychoneuroimmunology (#64) with super results.  My only problems are finding  time to listen to all the tapes I am interested in and keeping my tape recorder in decent repair.  Your tapes are very powerful aids for changing one's life.  They really helped me to feel good about myself and my

future.   Thank you. A.M.


     Dear Sir,

     The intention of this letter is to inform you of the results we are receiving from your SCWL distributor program.  Many lives and outlooks of our distributors are happily being changed:

     Tape #1 (Weight Control) has helped three persons immediately.

     Tape #9 (Happiness) really brings smiles and happiness.

     Tape #14 (Stop Procrastination) brings remarks like "You have changed".

     Several customers are concentrating on tapes #16 and #17 (Think Yourself to

Greater Riches & Selling, I Can and I Will).

     Program #47 (Developing a Winner's Attitude) is for all winners.

     Tapes #49 & #50 (Golf) took one customer from 100 to 80 in his game.

     And of course tapes #53 to #56 on Multi-Level Marketing are the most exciting in our type of endeavour.  Thank you again for a real breakthrough in the helping of others.                                    Sincerely,  Ward E. Sly, Amway U.S. Direct Distributor


     I'm writing this letter because I am so pleased with your service but most of all for what your SCWL tapes have done for me.  Since IÕve got my Better Health Through Positive Thinking (#10) tape, my health has improved.  I used to land in hospital at least twice a year.  Now I haven't been in the hospital for a year and a half.  Great Huh!  Your Weight Loss tape (#1) has helped me lose 67 lbs (301/4kg).  I almost feel guilty, because it was so easy.  I've had a weight problem my whole life.  I've tried every diet there is and some I made up myself.  They all were a battle and didn't work.  Since

my weight loss tape broke over a month ago I've gained 5 lbs (21/4kg) back and find myself craving sweets a lot more, so I know how important it is to keep listening to my tapes.    S.F.



     Dear Doctor,             

     For several months I have used your tape #1 Weight Loss to find out whether it would help me to overcome stubbornness I've suffered for more years than I care to think about: a reluctance to eat sensibly and cast off excess weight.  Well, for the first time in my life I've been able to change my eating habits and, without effort, have followed a sensible diet.  As a matter of fact, I believe now that it would have called for a greater effort on my part to resist the new thinking pattern which I appear to have acquired.  Of course, it might have happened without your tape - who can tell?  But I doubt it very

much.  I now eat the proper foods, in the right quantities and, in twelve short weeks, I have lost 21/2 stone, or 35 pounds, (16kg), as you Americans prefer to say.  This weight reduction has been achieved without torment, without anguish.  I have had none of those hunger pangs which usually cause dieters to stand before the refrigerator door, hesitating as they debate whether to open it or not, before they finally swing it wide and grab a plateful of the eatables they've craved.

     More recently I've used tape #14 (Stop Procrastination).  Great Scott!!  If only I'd had this one twenty years ago!  It can transform one's whole life.  I find now that, with no inner resistance or reluctance, I am already doing, or have just completed, jobs that I used to promise myself I would do tomorrow - always tomorrow.  Please stop selling #14, at once, so that the great achievers might be counted only among those of us who have already got their copy.  I play #14, in the background, with the auto-reverse switched on.  I am not consciously aware of the playing - but it is doing the job without any help from me.  It really is a winner and a godsend to those of us who have been plagued by a

tendency to procrastinate and which some of us have brought to a fine art.

     Thank you for selling me this little gem.  Yours sincerely

John Morris (signed) (LOF)

#1,#16  Midwest Research,

If I'm correct this order brings me to 50 tapes.  People are very enthusiastic about them and just when I think interest might be dwindling, a new batch of orders appears.  Several people have said that though they may be listening to the Weight Loss (#1) or Think Yourself to Greater Riches (#16), they also find themselves able to sail through problem situations in their daily lives.  Whatever the results, we are all addicted to them.  Thanks Sincerely, Jackie



     What SCWL has done for me and my family:

     Myself:  for approximately one week, my wife played the Controlled Drinking (#22) and Positive Thinking (#33) without my knowledge.  I stopped drinking.  (I used to drink a case a day on the average).  I have lost 31 lbs (14kg) in 31/2 weeks.  My attitude at home has changed, also with friends and outsiders.  I've developed a more positive way of thinking and doing things.  I feel GREAT.

     My wife:  By listening to the Weight Loss (#1) tape all the time, she has lost approximately 12 lbs (51/2kg) in a 4 week period.  She has also changed her way of thinking and is more positive and higher spirited person.

     My son: 10 years old (Lyle) - without knowing that it would help as well, his grades have increased from 50%-60% to a grade 80%-90% on all his school work.  He has also changed his attitude at home and with his friends, and doesn't fight with his friends anymore.  This is by listening to Positive Thinking & Develop a Winner's Attitude.

     My friend:  she bought the Positive Thinking (#33) tape for her daughter because she was in a typing contest.  She played the tape for about one week and took first place in her school.  She was very happy. D.S.



     Dear Sirs,

     Enclosed find my cheque for five more tapes.  I can truthfully say I have a new outlook on life since ordering the tape Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking (#33).  I didn't tell my husband about it, but after just a few days, he noticed a change in me.  I have been able to accomplish tasks that I have been putting off for ages.  I work as a secretary, and have been thinking along the  lines of early retirement.  Now I am seriously considering taking a night course in computer technology to increase my skills at work, and retirement is definitely out of the question.  I had trouble making decisions about minor things - household chores etc.  Now I can make decisions, carry out my responsibilities, and feel like I am in control of my life.  I am so thankful that I found your ad in a magazine.  Since then I have been listening to the Weight Loss tape (#1).  Weight isn't a real problem with me, however, I am a borderline diabetic, and the tape certainly keeps me in line.  I have since interested my daughter in your tapes and as you can see we are ordering five more tapes.  Thank you for helping to make life more meaningful.  Sincerely,

Mary G. Thompson (LOF)



     We have had our tapes going all day long at the office.  We are playing four at a time.  It is unbelievable the things that are beginning to happen in only two weeks.  I have been trying to organise my desk and the office for nine months and I can truthfully say that my desk is in order and so is the rest of the office.  The working conditions have improved tremendously.  Everyone is a lot more pleasant and considerate.  I have been troubled with a decision that had to be made and yesterday I finally made the decision.  I have been putting this off for five years. 

     As to Mr. H., he is playing the Weight Control tape (#1) all day.  He has lost 10 pounds (41/2kg) in three weeks, I lost 10 pounds in two weeks and a Property Manager is so inspired that she has joined "Overeaters Anonymous" along with listening to the tape.   This is the most exciting breakthrough that could possibly happen to me.  Not only is my life improving, but I can make money while improving.

B.D. - Fort Worth, Texas


#1,#73,#74: -

-    Dear Mr. Berg,

would like to have the details on SCWL Distributorships.  I have been a compulsive over-eater all my life, right now I'm 100 lbs (45kg) overweight.  Since starting your weight loss program five days ago I have almost no interest in food.  This leaves me with spare time, as in the past most of my time was spent buying and eating food so I would like to use the extra time to "spread the wordÓ about your tapes.

     Since program #1 is so effective, I think I'll wait till I'm in better shape before I start using #6.

Bob O'Connor, Midway Vacuum Co., 974 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles,

California, 90029 (LOF)


-    This is my first order.  I intend to make a great many more. I would like you to know that I have lost 24 pounds (11kg) since using the Weight Control tapes, over a period of 2 months.

J.E. Barrington, Illinois


-    Thank you for the tapes, Mr. Land.  I have used the Weight Control tapes since I received them on June 16th and would like to report a 10lb (41/2kg) loss in 10 days use.  I also have a positive feeling of well being within that is difficult to explain.

R.M. Byron, Wyoming


-    I bought your Weight Control tapes.  I did lose the weight I wanted to 35 lbs (16kg) and feel good.  Thank you!

J.T. Tempe, Arizona


-    I have been using your Weight Loss tapes for about a week and a half and I've already lost 9 pounds (4kg)!  It has more than helped me curb my appetite and I am truly grateful.

Patricia Scheidecker - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin


-    I have lost 171/2 lbs (8kg) in three weeks with no sweat whatsoever!

R.C. Des Plaines, Illinois


-    Since using your Weight Loss tapes I have lost 7 lbs (3kg) in under a week.

P.D.  Qld


#2: -

-    Dear Sir,

Just a note to say how pleased I have been with the SCWL Stop Smoking cassette which I bought in February this year at the Health and Beauty Expo.  During the first month of using the cassette I found that I was smoking less than half my normal amount of cigarettes, although towards the end of the first month I did find this creeping back up to my normal two packs a day.  At no stage during this month did I stop playing the tape every day for approximately two hours (mostly in the evenings whilst watching TV).  In the middle of March, on a Monday, I stopped smoking and have not had a cigarette since.

For some reason I felt that not co-operating with the tape was a waste of time and I really should try to put myself in social situations where the habit of smoking may have returned, and also kept myself busy.  After the first month, I began to feel a bit more confident that my habit had been broken and now this confidence has increased.  Nowadays the smell of old cigarette smoke on people's clothing and on their breath is a constant reminder that I used to smell like that (however, I didn't know it myself).  I find that I can breath better, enjoy my food and life more, and generally feel more confident and alive than before starting on the tape.  Due to this success, I would now like to try the Weight Loss Technique (#1) cassette in order to control my weight and am sure that this will be as successful as the non-smoking tape.  Yours sincerely

Hilary Helme (LOF)


-    Dear Sir,

     Thank you.  You may put me down as one of your successes in the giving up smoking lot.  After about a week all came well and I haven't needed, wanted or longed for a cigarette since.  It matters not if the company I am with is smoking either.  But, I must admit - I do still like the smell of someone's cigarette and in my mind I do still wonder if a cigarette would be as satisfying as I think it used to be.  Anyway, I will never know, will I?!

     I really do feel good within myself that I am a non-smoker now, and nothing is going to change that for me.  Mark, the remark of yours that "I can't stop you from putting a cigarette in your mouth if you really want to" is the one I remember most and concentrate on.  I suppose different remarks are more significant from one to the other, but that one suits my purpose most.  So thank you again.  Have a wonderful Christmas.                     Regards,

M.P.M. - Narranbundah 2604 (LOF)


-    I have been playing the Stop Smoking (#2) tape for three weeks and have cut down from 31/2 packs a day without even trying to quit!  I'm really excited about selling this product.  Please pass on the word.

M.M. Allentwon, Pennsylvania


-    I would have been considered a heavy smoker (30 per day).  Prior to major abdominal surgery I was advised by my doctor to quit smoking, and in response to my query for a suggested method he prescribed a well know brand of tranquilliser(!).  After 3 days of suffering bizarre side effects from the tranquillisers with no reduction in smoking I threw the bottle of pills away and turned to the SCWL subliminal Stop Smoking (#2) tape on a friend's recommendation.  I was absolutely amazed at the results.  Within three days I had reduced from my daily level of 30 to 3 cigarettes!  The final two cigarettes in fact were lit, perhaps two puffs taken, before the cigarettes were just thrown away.  I was

never conscious aware of suffering so-called withdrawal symptoms and no change in my daily eating habits and work occupation occurred.  I am still not certain what prompted the sudden transformation after 30 years of smoking.

     Naturally, I am delighted with the results, and ten weeks after surgery I feel like a new person.

J.T. - Sylvania NSW


-    I ordered the Stop Smoking (#2) tape a few months ago.  I felt as it was going to be a big ask for me to give up smoking whilst I was studying and feeling under a lot of stress, though gave the tape a go anyway.  Withing two months I stopped smoking without any anxiety or withdrawal.               Funnily enough my partner has also given up smoking, unaware of what he has been listening to.  To this day he thinks the tapes are just a relaxation tape that he enjoys hearing.  Thank you.

L. Viney (1998)



     Approximately 3 months ago I received your SCWL brochure in the mail.  After reading the material, I became very aware of the changes that had happened to myself during the past years, such as stress, high anxiety, depression, elevated blood pressure, increased drinking, loss of confidence, excessive smoking etc. etc.  I just found it hard to believe I had changed that much from my old happy confident self.  Well I thought, here is an opportunity to try to help myself back to better health and I'm for a positive attitude, so I purchased two tapes to start with: Stop Smoking (#2) and Stress (#3).

     Now at that point in time, I smoked a minimum of 10 cigars a day.  Can you imagine my surprise after playing the tape only once, that I have had no desire to smoke since.  After playing the Stress tape I did not notice anything happen until I had played it 4 to 5 times, just like a great calm was about me.  The feeling was tremendous and I had not had that feeling for years.  I am now a firm believer in subliminal tapes to bring about a positive change in one's life.  I have also become an SCWL distributor with some success in introducing others into using them.  Also, I am adding more tapes to my own library which I listen to on a daily basis.  If you wish to use any of the contents of my letter in the

Motivator for an article you may do so.

B.C.  Stirling Heights, Michigan



     Dear Sir,

     I have been using the SCWL cassette tapes with some of my patients for about 4 weeks.  The Stop Smoking (#2) tape is excellent - all who have used it have had a good response, it works very well.  An excellent adjunct to the therapy has been the Stress Control (#3) tape.  This has been most useful to people who are experiencing stress constantly.  The reduction in stress levels is remarkable!  The Insomnia (#23) tape is without a doubt the most effective drug free, sleep inducer I have come across.  All patient reports are excellent.  Needless to say I will look forward to trying out more of the tapes as they become available.  Yours sincerely

Neville J. Andrews Th.L.M.S.A.Ps D.H.,  F.I.C.S.E.P.  M.A.A.S.E.R.T.  M.A.S.C.H.

Clinical and Educational Director (LOF)



     After using your SCWL programs, I wanted to write and tell you how much I've enjoyed them.  The Smokers (#2) tape immediately cut down my cigarette consumption by one half.  The Memory (#4) tape has aided me in recalling names and past events.

W.A. La Crosse, Wisconsin



     Dear Sirs,

     It is my express pleasure to announce to you and the world that I have now joined the ranks of non-smokers.  I am a distributor for SCWL and have been for six months before I would try using the non-smoking tapes (#2,#22).  I watched it work for others but I was still reluctant to give up a habit I felt I needed.  A fifty a day habit is not easy to give up and since I am also working on weight loss I didn't want to compound that problem.  Everyone knows that when you give up smoking you gain weight.

     Perhaps it was the coughing, or perhaps it was the raspy voice and post nasal drip that made me take the plunge.  Whatever it was that made me make the decision to play the tapes does not matter.  What does matter is that in one week I went from 50 cigarettes a day to 25 and in another week I was only smoking 13 and 5 days later I said no more.  I gave away the remainder of the packet of cigarettes I had and my lighter and that was it.  Of course, I am pleased but I think of equal importance is the fact that I was able to quit smoking without feeling the need for a cigarette and without gaining weight.  I have not felt the need to put something in my mouth to replace the loss of cigarettes.

     Best of all, the tape has helped me to take control of me and helped me to choose.... not to smoke.  Yours faithfully

Carol Nicholson (LOF)



     I was a heavy smoker of 35 to 40 cigarettes a day and a very poor sleeper.  After three weeks listening to the tapes I do not smoke.  I sleep about 71/2 hours straight and do not need sleeping tablets.



     Dear Sir,

     I have had your tapes for giving up smoking and alcoholism and found them to be very good.  I have a special tape I would like you to make for me if possible.  I have a lot of bad habits which are putting my marriage in jeopardy and if a tape of this sort can be made for me I know it will make a big difference.  I will now list the areas in which I need help.  I'm very impatient and have no tolerance of other people's opinions if it is not the way I would do it , it's not right.  He is the more passive of the two of us.  If he does not automatically agree with me straight away, I tend to raise my voice and cut him off, he usually backs off for peace.  He can't seem to do anything right.  I know this is hurting him and causing resentment for me.  I seem to have to be right all the time, even if I'm  not.  Even when he is driving I tell him the direction to take insisting it's shorter.  (#40 is the appropriate tape here - ed).

     The other area I need help with is money.  He handles money extremely well and I should have no doubts over it.  I handle money extremely well myself also so we should be saving as one but I hide some away each week for my own savings, without him knowing.   I seem to need that security though there is no need for it.

     With your Stop Smoking (#2) tape we both gave up and he gave up drinking with your Alcoholism (#24) tape so if you make this tape direct it to the partner, not necessarily wife or husband, as I play these tapes non stop all night and it's sure to do both of us some good.  Looking forward to your reply.

Mrs. V.M. Danes, Bos 679, Hermit Park, Townsville  (LOF)



     I want to thank you and yours for changing my life forever, or rather giving me the tools for change.  Now for myself, I have been smoking for approximately 16 years.  I will be 29 in August.  For years and years I taught my subconsicous to like smoking regardless of what it is doing to my physical body.  After receiving your Program Yourself For Success series and reading the literature, I and my wife listened to the Stop Smoking tape 24 hours a day for three days sleeping and awake.  Before the tape I smoked two to three packs of Marlboros a day.  In my own subconscious and conscious mind I knew if I didn't quit, that it would kill me sooner or later.  After about twenty hours I was smoking about 10 to 12 cigarettes in a day.  The very next evening after listening all day, I quit, and you know, I'm seeing in my mind's eye a non smoking person for the first time in my life.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R.G.  Portland Oregon


#3: -

-    An estimated 80% of medical treatment provided today is the result of ineffective stress management.  By using SCWL you can be trained to handle stress simply and effectively.

R.L. Billand, D.D.S.  P.C.


-    Dear Sir,

     I have a problem a skin specialist has diagnosed as nervous dermatitis.  Previously my G.P. had given me different creams which did not relieve my condition.  After two weeks using the Stress Control Program (#3) my nervous condition has all but gone.

Debbie Pearce, Kalleen  ACT  (LOF)


-    Dear Mark,

     When Eric first told me about the tapes, I simply didn't believe that they would work.  Anyway, he sent us a #3 Stress Management Tape for Xmas and we received it while staying at a friend's place in Mackay.  Now, we have a son who is slightly hyper-active and he is always a lot worse when we are anywhere else, so I decided to try the tape on him (still being very sceptical) and quite honestly, I was amazed.  He actually lay down and went to sleep while listening to it!  That was enough to convince me and this is why I would like to join the company, (as freelance distributor) as there are numerous

people here that would benefit from the tapes.  I've enclosed two testimonials and you can use them if you see fit.

Gwen Blair - Morangbah  (LOF)

-    Attn Wavetape:

     As you know I purchased a wavetape from your company and I wish to tell you of the results.  Eighteen months ago, my son Peter, who lives in Canada, told me he was attempting to sail solo, non-stop around the world as fast as he could go, on the 10 meter yacht he built himself.  Well, I wondered how I was going to cope with the worry.  I was already under some stress from the usual family upheavals of today but decided to buy the Stress tape (#3) from you.  I played it every day.  For the first 3 months I hadn't noticed much difference but continued to play it.  I was too busy to lie down and completely relax while I listened, but played it while I was doing housework or at my desk working.  I

really gave it a good workout, then when people asked me if I was worried about my son, I realised I wasn't!  I felt happy and positive about my sailor son and generally about my own life too.  In fact I feel better and more able to cope with everyday stresses than ever before in my past life.  I have recommended this tape to many friends and they have sent for your order slip.

     I have been so pleased with this tape that I would like to try another, perhaps Stop Procrastination (#14) or Success Motivation (#11).  This will tell you how I feel, I'm ready to go ahead!  Life is wonderful at 64!  My son's sailing trip was successful.  He completed the trip from Santa Barbara and back to Santa Barbara in 236 days, a possible record.  I flew to Canada to surprise him when he sailed into Victoria B.C. Harbour amid cheers.  A great thrill for me!

Emma Freeman, Noosa Heads  Qld  (LOF)



     I bought the Stress (#3) tape recently because of great family problems.  After using the programs only five minutes, I felt great and from then on using the tapes several hours each day for a week, I was able to reduce the stress considerably such that all problems were eliminated.  The Self Confidence tape (#30) is great as also the Memory (#4).  I cannot speak too highly of the great improvement to my life as each day is a challenge but with tapes like this, why worry!

Nona Stopher - Mt Pleasant 6153 (LOF)


#3,#8,#24,#26,#27,#33,#47          Article

     Dennis Bauer has spent the majority of his 38 years in and out of trouble.  His police record reads like s script from Hill Street Blues citing arrest on charges of driving under the influence, being drunk and disorderly and abusing drugs.  He's spent time in every drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Bay City and Saginaw, not to mention jail and prison terms.  There seemed to be no helping Dennis Bauer until he discovered subliminal tapes.

     "Come on" you say.  How can a cassette accomplish what no psychiatrist or penal institution was able to do?  It's too easy.  Dennis, himself, is amazed at the results.  But in fact, his total behaviour pattern was reversed within 5 months, according to the former offender, through a self-imposed program of subliminal suggestion.  It has long been recognised that the mind has unlimited capacity to absorb, select and file away mountains of information on the conscious level.  What few of us realise is that even more raw data pours into the subconscious mind constantly through the senses - it keeps the record of all our experiences.  The sub-conscious mind is a huge storage bin which exists, immune from value judgments and reason, for a lifetime.

     Both positive and negative information share the subconscious mind, and therefore, affects our behaviour according to the predominant messages.  Why not, then, feed the mind a healthy diet of positive information.  That is the premise on which the subliminal technique is built.  According to Midwest Research Inc., originator of the SCWL Subliminal Techniques that Dennis Bauer is utilising, scientific studies have proven that if the sub-conscious mind is intentionally programmed with positive thoughts and ideas, concerning any problem, that soon the conscious mind will begin to act with the

information it has received and positive results can be easily obtained.

     "No doubt it is the easiest, and laziest, way to get your life straight" agrees Bauer.  "I was the perfect candidate for the tapes.  I'm the type of person that will go left if you tell me to go right.  Even my ink blots reveal that I'm a violent person by nature - a negative thinker who is chronically depressed.  The tapes have changed all that".

     It is indeed incredible to believe that the Dennis Bauer of today is the same man who ripped a steam pipe off the wall of a bar and aimed deadly spray at the crowd while being thrown out for being intoxicated.  Since using the tapes, he has not been drinking or fighting with anyone.

     "I made my mind up before I started using the tapes that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in and out of prison because of my drinking.  Once I decided that, the tapes helped keep my temper and my bad habits under control.  I stay out of bars now, and I don't look for the worst in people anymore.  "The key to making the tapes work is wanting something badly enough to want to do something about your problems.  They really work for me because I don't have to rely on someone telling me what to do, or face them when I don't do it.  The tapes don't stand over you with an angry face".

     Dennis went through the methadone treatment at the Riverside Clinic, as well as doing stints in various psych wards, the Saginaw County Hospital, and Bay City Mercy before his last admittance to the House of Commons, a live-in clinic in Lansing.  He described his stay there as a nightmare.  "It's not that the program was all bad" he explained, "but it was too intense, and didn't really help me.  The therapy was based on the peer pressure - if you weren't making progress, everyone would "group" on you.  In


six months my hair was falling out, and my health was slipping from the constant pressure of the group sessions and living with the people in my group.  I was confused when I left there".

     "I look forward to listening to the tapes.  They relax me" adds Bauer saying he listens from one to two hours per night.  "The sound of water is all you hear.  Right now I'm listening to seven different tapes: Overcoming Depression, Stress Control, Abstinence from Drinking, Get High on Life, Developing a Winner's Attitude, the Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking, and Develop Your Psychic Abilities.  I listen to different ones at different times, but I always play the positive thinking tapes".

     "I no longer hang out in the streets or at bars, and I don't even miss it.  That surprises me.  I don't see the people I used to hang out with either.  Whenever I start to have negative thoughts, something stops me from slipping back into my old patterns".



     Just a short note - have been using tapes #3, #9 and #64 and the pain tape (#408B) only if necessary.  This is helping control the Arthritis pain even with the change in the weather.  Had the bones slip and lock in the neck - went for a chiropractic adjustment and was informed it would be days before the pain would leave the area.  Played the Pain (#408) tape 45 minutes and by about 4 hours later noticed the pain leaving.  Could turn my head side to side by the next morning.  Thanks for the SCWL tapes.  God Bless .




     Have personally used a number of programs and found every one to be  very beneficial.  A number of my patients and family members have had terrific success.  I consider them to be useful adjuncts to the other therapies I utilise.  Other Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists have also reported exceptional results to me.  Medical Doctors are especially pleased because in many cases there can be a reduction in the amounts of drugs prescribed with the resultant decrease in the drug's harmful side effects.

Edwin Franklin D.C., D.O. Chiropractor



     I have been a psoriasis sufferer for the past 4 years and in that time have called on doctors, skin specialists, homeopaths, naturopaths and even a hypnotist to try and cure my complaint.  Success has been limited to say the least.  Approximately 4 weeks ago I started using the Stress (#3) tape after using the Self Confidence (#30) and Overcoming Shyness (#13) programs and the itching associated with this complaint has now completely gone and affected areas look almost completely normal.  Thanking you

Mike O'Brien - East Brisbane (LOF)


#3,#21: -

-    I have been playing my SCWL tapes on Stress Control (#3) and Deep Relaxation (#21) for a little more than one month now, and I am happy to report a remarkable change in my life for the better.  A feeling of calm and an ability to confront stressful situations with ease.  I noticed this feeling within 3 days of playing these tapes and feel more and more relaxed as the weeks pass.  Being somewhat sceptical at first I would recommend these tapes to anyone as I am experincing the calm and ability to flow with life that these tapes have given me.  Keep up the good work.

T.G.S. Cullen, R.D.I. Matakohe, New Zealand (LOF)

-    Dear Sir,

     For over twenty years I have suffered a stress related syndrome namely neuro-dermatitis on my fingers, ball of thumbs, toes and insteps of my feet.  Als I experienced a feeling of intense discomfort in the solar plexus which at times was so intense it could truly be described as a pain and which prevented me from eating properly unless well and truly tranquillised with more than a few alcoholic aperitifs.  To add to my discomfort (and to those people who were in earshot of me) I was continually coughing,

attempting to clear my throat of a very viscous mucous which I never could succeed in clearing.  At times of acute stress I coughed so much I had difficulty in even managing to talk.

     I have tried orthodox medicine, hypnotherapy and acupuncture with very little, if any, benefit.  The only relief was too many drinks of too many prescribed chemical tranquillisers.  This relief, of course, soon wore off and I was back to square one again.

     After using the SCWL tape Stress Control (#3) in conjunction with Deep Relaxation (#21) for approximately three weeks the dermatitis had completely disappeared and the other two symptoms had become improved to a striking degree.  At the time of writing I am in my sixth week of using the programs an the dermatitis has vanished completely, the coughing has decreased to almost zero and the discomfort in the solar plexus has about 90% disappeared.  I cannot remember when I last felt so well and I am looking forward to when all of the symptoms are entirely gone.  With my rate of progress

I am sure that this will be very soon.  My sincere thanks to the boffins who produce these programs and to your company for making them available in Australia.

Dennis R. Salisbury - Aitkenvale Qld. (LOF)


-    Dear Eric,

     I would like to thank you for introducing me to #3 Stress Control and #21 Deep Relaxation technique tapes.  As a long arthritis sufferer I find I am sleeping a lot better and my mental outlook is much improved.  I find my daily routine much easier to cope with and when I am able to relax I find it easier to do than previously.  My wife has also benefited  from listening to these tapes and finds them very relaxing.  We are both pensioners and not in the best of health.  We find we have benefited enormously since we started this therapy.  With my sincere thanks,

G. Headland - Goulburn 2580  (LOF)



     Dear Bruce,

     My testimonial:  I have been using the Stress Control (#3) and Self Confidence (#30) programs since mid February.  I had been attending Weight Watchers since mid October and with great difficulty had shed 4 kilos before Christmas and was able to maintain that loss over the Christmas break.  When I  started using the programs I lost a further 10 kilos without effort, twice taking the monthly weight loss crown and maintaining my goal weight with ease.  My teenage children were very sceptical but have

benefited greatly from their exposure to the programs and are all looking forward to the new releases to help them with their studies.  The side-effects and the reason I would not share my testimonial at the meeting tonight is a jealous husband who won't believe it's the programs - he works out of town so doesn't get any exposure to the programs at all.  Situation critical, he can't stand the new me and I won't stand the old me!  I know what I want and SCWL programs will help me achieve it painlessly and effortlessly as possible.

Zonia Cartwright, Maddington  WA  6109  (LOF)



     Dear Mr. Patterson,

     I have bought five of your tapes over the last few months and feel compelled to write and let you know how pleased I am with them.  This spring the company I worked for decided to go from Mainframe to PC computers, thereby also bringing in new software for all accounting.  I had not been in a school-room learning situation for over 25 years, and naturally was a little apprehensive as to how I would fare.  In anticipation I bought your tape #34 Sharpen Learning Skills and started playing it a couple of weeks prior to starting on the new programs.  Once I had started my studies, I was pleasantly surprised not only at the ease with which I learned, but also with how much I enjoyed it.  I thank God that I did learn quickly, and I am sure much of the credit can be attributed to my listening to the tapes.

     I hadn't done much typing since I left High School, but with the new system being put in I felt I really should try to upgrade my keyboarding.  I started practicing for about half an hour first thing each morning.  I ordered your tape #66 Beginning Typing, and started using it about a week or so later.  Shortly thereafter I had to stop my daily practice sessions for about a week due to an increased workload at the office but I continued to play the tape.  I knew I would have to double my efforts to make up for the lost time, when I would eventually be able to continue practicing.  Consequently, I was delighted to

find that rather than having backslidden my accuracy had actually improved, and continues to do so.  At approximately this same time, I started using your tape #4 Increasing Your Memory Power.  Most peoples' memory depends on the use of their two senses of either hearing or seeing.  There are, of course, a few fortunate people who can use both with equal success.  I remember things by seeing.  Therefore, I became quite excited when I noticed that I was actually beginning to recall things, especially figures, after only hearing them.  I still surprise myself on occasions at how precise my memory can be.

     I haven't been quite so successful with your tape #33 Getting into Exercise.  The reason, of course, may be because I have never been overly fond of doing exercise.  They take too much energy.  Possibly what I would need is your tape #43 Increased Vitality.  My most recent purchase is your tape #14 Getting It Done!  Stop Procrastination.  I've always been a firm believer in "never do today what you can put off till tomorrow".  Needless to say, I've got all kinds of little jobs that I'll do "one day".  For example, I have been going to paint my kitchen and hall "one day" for almost 4 years.  I've even bought the paint.  However, my kitchen and hall are now painted.  I can hardly believe it.  I still catch myself checking the kitchen for reassurance that it really is done.

     There are several more tapes I would still like to get, so I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again soon.  Thank you so much.

Betty Saucier, Power Learning Systems, Box 1471 Victoria B.C. (LOF)


Testimonials and Letters

The following pages are excerpts and direct quotes from actual testimonial letters received from SCWL customers and kept on file.  We have been requested by some of the testimonial writers not to publish names and addresses.  In some instances only excerpts of the letters have been reproduced here with only the writer's initials rather than print the entire letter with the actual name.  The letters LOF indicate that, in the majority of cases the actual letters or copies of them are on file at our office.  We would welcome a letter from you attesting to the beneficial results you have obtained from using the SCWL subliminal tapes. Please feel free to write.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please advise.


     The tapes were wonderful and they have helped me in the following:  I am more confident.  I can concentrate with ease.  I am making rapid progress.  I am forever grateful and most of my progress I owe to the tapes.

Danish (age 9)


     Hi Lynn,

     Here is an article from the Duluth paper about 2 wrestlers who used 2 SCWL tapes Developing a Winner's Attitude (#47) and Total  Concentration (#12).  Tim used the tapes prior to the Conference Meet where he placed 2nd.  Up until this time he had serious problems getting himself motivated.  Clint loaned Total Concentration to his girlfriend.  She believed the tape was just for relaxation and going to sleep.  After trying out for a bit part in the University play she was told she had the lead role in Sleeping

Beauty!  Before she learned about the tape title ÒTotal Concentration", she told Clint that her lines came easily and her concentration was so on purpose.  I've just started to work with the softball team.  Some of the young women are very enthusiastic!

Russ Smiley  (LOF)


     Dear Sir,

     Your SCWL tapes are marvellous.  I have used the Concentration (#12) and the Golf (#49 & #50) tapes with great success.  I would like to order more tapes but it seems the regional representative in the area has disappeared.  If you would like to call, please do.  I prefer to order direct and talk to someone who is an expert and really knows their stuff.  Otherwise, please send your current catalogue and price list as soon as possible.

Marlene Parrish (LOF)


     Midwest Research,

     Just a brief note to let you know how satisfied I am with your programs.  I have experienced shyness and fear in meeting new people, but now I have to stop and pinch myself, because without thinking I walk right up to people on the job and ask their names.  You have so many programs that fit my areas of interest, I have enclosed another order.  There is no doubt in my mind that I'm on my way to the top!  Keep them coming.  They're fantastic.

L. David Childres (LOF)

#14: -

-    I love the "testimonial" section of your newsletter and couldn't wait to contribute my own experience with the SCWL tapes.  This year got off to a slow start - only time flew, while the myriad of paperwork grew.  Taxes got done at the last minute, my February Newsletter to my clients got pushed back a month, then another, then another, monthly income and expense records remained empty of current figures and I resigned myself to a ‘take it easy' type of year.  Then SCWL came into my life.  I ordered #14 Getting it Done! Stop Procrastination for a client (full well knowing that I really wanted it

for myself).  I played it continuously for two days, night and day.  Not a thing happened.

     Lo and behold, on the third day it activated, and that's putting it mildly.  I became a dynamo of energy and got more done in one day than I had done all year long.  The fifth day I stopped listening to it in the p.m. hours because while at 2am. my body was tired, my mind still kept on working.  I received the tape on or about April 25.  On May 6th I passed it on to a client and am waiting for a replacement.  Even without it playing on a daily basis I am still going strong and can't believe how powerful these tapes are.

     Thank you SCWL for getting me off my duff!

J.S. Burliangame  California


-    David,

     A brief note on the Stop Procrastination (#14) tape.  I can't play it to my clients in their floats anymore.  They don't last the whole float!  They keep getting out halfway through because of all the things they have to do!  Just to test the theory I played it to some clients without telling them the title - sure enough out they got after 20-30 minutes - "too busy" they said.

Tracy Hill, Cremorne Float and Relaxation Centre,

4/114 Cabramatta Rd, Cremorne  2090  Ph: 02- 9083199 (LOF)


#14,#15,#16,#30,#61, and others

     I cannot put into words my gratitude for what your subliminal tapes are doing in my life.  In the past I worked for the Federal Government in a sedentary position with the Department of Defence.  Over the years I became very unhappy working for the government and in May I resigned my position to seek a career in sales.  For the past year I have been averaging a $100 per day income and working twelve to fifteen hours each day to accomplish just that.  At the beginning of July I began listening to Developing Your Creativity (#15), Feeling Love and Giving Love (#61), Self Confidence (#30) and Think Yourself to Greater Riches (#16) simultaneously for from two to four hours daily.

     The results over the past month have been incredible.  My relationships with others have been enhanced very noticeably.  I need less sleep than the seven to eight hours I used to sleep daily.  My attitude has been rejuvenated.  I have a vitality that I lacked only four short weeks ago.  And it's really wonderful helping my friends through the use of the SCWL subliminal tapes.  I lent a friend, Vince, the Getting it Done - Stop Procrastination tape (#14).  I called him a week later and his wife Chris answered the phone.  Was she excited!  "I can't believe it, wait" she said, "playing that tape is helping my marriage, Vince is actually changing".  Vince and Chris bought 15 SCWL tapes!

     Thanks again so very much.  By the way, I just started a new business last week.  Yesterday, I worked four hours and earned more than $1800.  I'm speechless.

W.R. Pennsauken,  Maine



     I recently received my tape selection and kit and I am quite pleased.  Many of my friends and co-workers have noticed a difference in me in general.  I have only recently started my own business and needless to say, I was full of doubt about my own ability or my chance of even getting this thing off the ground.  Not only have I found I no longer procrastinate over decisions or my own ability to get things done, but I have found an enthusiasm that I had long thought left me when I passed middle age.  I am anxious to introduce my friends and others to these tapes.

R.N. Perris  California



     From the very first moment that the tape was played, a friend and myself began experiencing an excitement that I had only previously had for fleeting moments in my life.  Never have I ever had such confidence present concerning the future and belief in anything that could help people reach their potential!  This new confidence comes from listening to the tapes for only one evening and reading through the Success Manual.  I already have experienced a change in my attitude towards other people and my outlook on life.  Just to prove the enthusiasm this product has caused, I already have five orders for the tapes.  My imagination of what the future  holds has only begun as far as marketing your product in this area, and this I credit to the tapes I have listened to for just six hours.  My future sales will be proof in itself of what this exciting concept can do for any individual, for up to now I have been wasting my life over problems that were caused in childhood that have affected my life and success every step of the way through my thirty five years of what most people call living!  In view of this new light, hopefully the next portion of my life will be more productive.

     An interesting and humorous situation developed the day after I received the Success Program.  While the tapes were playing, my grandmother came over to visit and after being here only a few minutes she said to me "This is strange.  I came over here with the idea that I was going to sit down, relax and have a nice quiet conversation with you, but for some reason, all of a sudden, I feel like going and doing something.  I don't know what it is that has come over me".  That's when I told her that she was receiving subliminal messages from the Success tapes.  She was then quickly sold on the Weight

Control tapes (#1,#73,#74).  I would like to thank you for producing and making this concept available to people in all walks of life.  I have great expectations for our future together as an organisation.  See all of you one day soon!!  Again, thanks.    R.N.  Springfield, Illinois



     It was an extreme pleasure for my partner and I to have made your acquaintance at your recent New York visit.  As I had mentioned, I've been using your tapes for the last three years (the first one I found lying in the glove compartment of a used car I bought).

     I'm sure you've got tons of testimonials from satisfied users.  My favourite tape to date which I've used consistently is Reading with Retention and Comprehension (#60).  I had the worst attention span imaginable in college when it came to sitting down and reading a text book.  Every little distraction was something to look forward  to.... to break away from my books.  Finally .... since I had such good luck with a previous tape, I sent for tape #60, hooked it up to my walkman, turned up the volume and for the next two years it was my constant companion.  It blocked out noises wherever I was and I did retain enough of the material to graduate (A.A.S. in Photography, A.A.S. in Advertising and Communications and Bachelor of Science in Marketing) and maintain a B+ average in school.  I'm still not sure how much help I've received from your Memory tape (#4).  I do know that it has been enough to keep me in trouble (most people don't remember half the things they tell you and probably wish you didn't remember either).  Your Procrastination tape (#14) should be certified as a lethal drug.  I haven't been able to listen to that tape more than 15 minutes without climbing the walls if I was procrastinating.  This is definitely the tape to get the non-believers on.  Again ... I'd like to thank you for your dedication in producing such a fine line of tapes and also for taking the time out to speak to my partner and I.  We're extremely proud to be a part of your organisation as new distributors.  The only thing I'm sorry about is that I didn't sign up 6 months ago when I received my first distributor package.  But don't worry..  we'll soon be making up for lost time! J.P.  New York, NY


     Dear Mary,

     I have been playing these 2 tapes (passing exams with flying colours & think yourself to greater riches)  now regularly for 2 weeks and was faced with a Chemistry Quiz at College yesterday.  Normally I would hyperventilate, feel nauxious and forget everything I studied for such a subject.  I am not science orientated at all!  However, over the weekend I constantly played Passing Exams (#36) and I amazed myself at how calm I was when I looked at the Quiz, and how good my recollection was.  Above all I didn’t panic!!!!  I will keep you informed of further results.  Regards,  Julie-Ann, Sydney NSW 


     Just a few lines to thank you for the help your cassettes have been to me.  I would like to give you a little bit of background on myself.  I started work as a carpenter and until approximately 12 months ago, considered it my only possible source of income.  Although very satisfactory as a trade, it would not be considered a high income professional.  A friend suggested to me that car sales would lift my income level.  However, since I had never had experience in this field, I was reluctant to change.  At about the same time my friend was trying to introduce me into the car trade, I was introduced to SCWL's self improvement programs and noticed that one of the programs was called A Program for Sales People (#17) I Can and I Will.  I was reluctant at first and thought that $45 was a lot to pay for a cassette tape, but I was assured that if it didn't work for me, I would receive a full refund.  Thank goodness I did buy it!  It has completely changed my life.  I started work at the largest Nissan distributorship in the ACT on the 5th August, played my program continually and sold as many cars as their top salesman during the first month and was the top salesman for the next 6 months during my first year in the car trade.  I was also awarded the New Car Sales of  The Year Award.  I would just like to add that my lifestyle has now completely changed and that I would recommend the SCWL Self Improvement Programs to anyone who wants to improve their life.  Eternal thanks,    Colin H. Turner, Hall, ACT  (LOF)


     Midwest Research,

     I am returning 3 of the 5 tapes that I purchased in order to change them for 3 that may be more applicable to us.  I completely enjoyed the tapes "I can and I will" (#17) and Setting and Achieving Positive Goals (#32), in fact, just to give you some idea of how much I enjoyed them, I'll fill you in.  I am a commission salesman for 3M products.  Last months my sales totalled $1500, after three weeks with the tapes, my following month's sales were $38000 ... quite an increase. I am recommending your tapes to anybody who needs to increase their sales.  Please send me tapes #21, #34, #42 in exchange for the unopened tapes enclosed.  I will also be re-ordering another set soon (when I have more money), keep up the good work.  Sincerely,

Kevin D Urbom, Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361 (LOF)


     Dear Sirs,

     We recently borrowed a tape of yours and have experienced many positive results.  Our friend wants it back and said it cost $45.  Enclosed is that amount for SCWL Technique to Improve Your Athletic Ability (#18).  We're very interested in this type of subliminal research and would like a catalogue of other tapes.  Please send the tape and catalogue as soon as possible to the above address.  Our son is a nationally ranked swimmer at 15 years old and has felt noticeably more powerful and positive since using the tapes for 3 weeks.  Sincerely,

Barbara Crafts (LOF)

#21: -

-    I had been playing the Deep Relaxation (#21) tape at home a few times whilst pregnant.  I have recently given birth to a baby girl.  I decided to take the tape into the labour ward with me when my daughter was born and I have been most impressed with the results.  For the first hour of delivery I did not play the tape and things were not progressing too well.  I found it impossible to relax which made the pain even worse.  I then started to play the tape and the difference was remarkable.  I was completely relaxed and I was able to control my breathing during contractions which made a great difference.  I then managed to get through delivery without any pain killers whatsoever.  My thanks I feel to the tapes.  J.C.  Canberra


-    I would sincerely like to thank you for creating tape #21 Deep Relaxation.  This was our first tape and was received in January.  I started with this tape because this was the one area in my life that really needed help and that I had a real desire to change.  I have never in my life been able to relax - I always had to be busy and had an awful time turning my mind off at night so I could get to sleep.  I am an architectural engineering draftsperson and after a day, let alone a week at the drafting table, the muscles in my neck and shoulders were so tight, that my blood pressure was high and my head would

constantly ring.  I took muscle relaxers daily to relieve tensions - until Deep Relaxation came to my rescue!

     The first week I played the tape continually through the day and again as we slipped into bed - my daily stress situations suddenly were "handled" easily and we had never slept so sound and felt so rested!  Needless to say Deep Relaxation is and will remain a part of my daily routine.  I play it during my lunch hour and can feel my neck and shoulder muscles relaxing and feel calmer.  I rarely am awake past the 3rd of 4th wave when I play it at bedtime - incredible!!  I haven't taken a muscle relaxer since the tape arrived in January.  But - what's really wonderful is this - my husband has not snored since

we began playing the tape at bedtime!!  I can't thank you enough for that one miracle!!   We love our Deep Relaxation tape and could not part with it.  We are so pleased with its results we're anxious to try new tapes and change other areas in our lives.  Once again, thanks so much for a new calmness I've never known and for all our restful nights and the relaxed muscles and all that Deep Relaxation has done for myself and my family.  K.G. Auburn, Washington



     Dear Ms. Whiting,

     Thank you for the SCWL program tape for major league pitchers.  It is not currently in use but it may soon be and I'll keep you posted.  I have been using your Relaxation and Alcohol Abstinence tapes on adults, adolescents and alcoholics in my private practice.  The tapes are of use to patients, especially those with high levels of anxiety and I plan to continue using them as aids to my treatment programs.  Sincerely, Dr. David L. Ohlms M.D. (LOF)


#23 Dear Sir,

     After 15 months of deep insomnia, which no doctor or tablets could fix, I now find that I can go into a deep sleep in 10 minutes after retiring to bed, for 3-4 hours solid.  I have proved this many times by way of turning on an 8 hour tape recorder just before retiring to bed and fast 



     I take this opportunity to inform you and others of the excellent results that we have had with the SCWL subliminal programs.  The Self Confidence (#30) program has helped me enormously in talking upfront at meetings.  It has also made me more confident in my business, and makes goals easier to achieve. I believe everyone can benefit from these programs.  We did not go on holidays at Christmas so we were rather liberal with two of our children.  They were up until 2am most mornings watching movies on the video.  When school started they had trouble adjusting back to normal hours.  They could not get to sleep.  No problem, we had them play the Insomnia program (#23) and they had instant results.  So if you cannot sleep, you now have the answer. David Miller (LOF)


#24: -

Dear Marty,

     I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Midwest Research for changing my life.  After receiving your tape on Alcoholism, I finally got control over a growing problem.  By not drinking, I have saved the cost of the SCWL tapes daily since I received it.  Quite an investment I think. Once again I would like to say thank you from myself and from my family.  Sincerely,

Bill Hanson (LOF)


-    I have been battling Alcoholism for several years.  I would get sober for a few months, but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I would drink again.  I got the tape on Alcoholism (#24) and immediately stopped drinking,  and I have had no desire to drink since.  It has been 40 days without even thinking about drinking.  I felt so good about the results of the tape that I loaned the tape to my brother who has been drinking for the last 20 years, and who for the last 10 years has not been able to go through a day without 2 to 3 six packs of beer a day.  I received a phone call from him last week and he had been listening to the tape.  In the first 2 weeks of listening to the tape he has not had a drink for 11 days.  Plus, his girlfriend has been a compulsive alcohol abuser and she said she has not been drinking either and they have no desire to drink.  When the desire comes up they have each other to support them in not taking that first drink.  They call me everyday to thank me for the loan of the tape, for caring enough to help them stop the self-destruction they were in.  We have all tried many ways to give up drinking and the tape has been the first thing that has helped.  I do believe in the support of other non-drinking people, but the tape has made the stopping easier.  My days are full of joy, each day is a new experience of coming out of the darkness into brighter days of energy, creativity and self love.  Thank you Midwest Research for changing our lives and giving us a new outlook on life.  J.W.


#28: -

-    After having received such fabulous results with your program #28, Agoraphobia, I am ordering program #2 Stop Smoking.  I cannot tell you what an euphoria has come into my life with your program #28.  After suffering for 30 years I find myself emerging as a more confident and self assured person as well as being able to face situations I never thought would be possible again.  I am wondering if perhaps, you might have programs with different backings, maybe music.  If so, I would like program #2 Stop Smoking with a background other than the ocean sounds.  If this is not possible, however, please rush my tape anyway.  Thank you so much for helping me back to a normal life.  The cost of your tape is a very small price to pay for such a precious gift!  Sincerely, Mary Saccone, , Florida (LOF)


-    I couldn't go into a supermarket without having an "anxiety attack".  I purchased your tape Overcoming Agorophobia (#28), and listened to it for about a week.  Now I get a little nervous before I go in, (I guess I'm not sure what's going to happen) but when I do go in, I'm almost as calm as when I'm at home.  I have purchased tapes from other companies, but none have worked as well as yours.  Thank you very much. T.L.


-    Just a note to let you know how much your tape for Agoraphobics has helped me.  I have suffered from Agoraphobia for over 25 years, and I just absolutely cannot believe what is happening to me after only 10 days of using your tapes.  I have been able to go shopping alone, take busses alone, and even take my dogs for long walks alone.  To the average person, I guess, these are just things people do every day, but not to me.  They were virtually impossible tasks.  I really don't understand the principle behind subliminal messages, but you can take my word for it.  IT WORKS!!!  I purchased a portable cassette player, and play my tape during the day at my job, and then listen to it again in the evenings when I get home.  I find that the sound of the waves is very relaxing, and I can really unwind from the pressures of the day.  Please keep up your good work on these recordings, as I am sure that many people can be helped.  I have ordered 5 other tapes, as I know I need help in a lot of other areas of my life, and I am anxious to get started helping myself in these areas too.  Mr. Berg, you have my permission to use the above note and publish it in any way you see fit.  Sincerely, Mary Luce - Chicago Illinois (LOF)

#30   I Edwin Sidney Southgate, a retired pensioner have suffered many personal set backs and disappointments throughout the last 63 years - especially just recently, having lost my workmates, my sister, my wife and my father over a short period, I have become timid, unsociable and an uninteresting person generally.  On the 26th July, I purchased just one of these new subliminal tapes from a distributor for $45.  It seemed an awful lot of money to pay for such a small item however I took it home.  A week or so later, while painting out one of the now vacant bedrooms, I remembered about this tape.  After putting it in my tape recorder all I could hear was the sound of waves splashing up on the beach.  Another disaster I thought, just like the cheap watch I purchased whilst in Singapore a couple of years previously.

     Anyway, I left the tape running and devoted my full time to painting, occasionally fiddling with the kitchen radio, trying to get some pleasant music between brushfuls of paint.  At the end of Side A I reversed the tape to Side B.  Again more waves were heard, splashing and rolling in against the bank or beach.  As the radio belted out a good tune, I thought of all the paint that I could buy for $45.  However, the end results were dramatic!!   After only the second playing, I found myself d oing and achieving things that normally I would never have contemplated.  Although I may never need to play this tape again I will never part with it.  This is the only subliminal tape I have ever owned or played through completely.  It is called Self Confidence (#30). As a pensioner I now get less time to sit in the sun or work in the garden because of new interests stimulated as a result of buying your tapes.  It has completely altered my aspect of living for now!  Without hesitation I would like you and the rest of the world to share these amazing results.

  Yours sincerely,  Edwin S. Southgate (Retired Technician and Pensioner)  - Eastwood (LOF)



     I am writing to let you know how pleased and grateful I am for the discovery of subliminal tapes by SCWL.  I am delighted with the results of the tapes for Self Confidence (#30) and Effective Speaking (#57) which I purchased just 4 weeks ago.  I recently made a long awaited career move which involved giving lectures and training sessions to up to one hundred people.  I have always had a fear of addressing an audience due to lack of confidence and also have suffered with uncontrollable bouts of nervousness at the very thought of it!  This in turn impedes one speaking effectively and coherently.  I

was desperate for help to overcome this problem which would hold me back and affect my career prospects..... then I found SCWL.  I listened to the tapes each day as directed and noticed that I was changing my mental outlook and progressively my nervousness was under control.  I have now given four lectures and all incredibly successful.  I now just listen to the tapes occasionally to keep reminding myself of how confident I have become.  They have changed my life.  Thank you very much. Pat Echett - East Sussex (LOF)



     Three years ago I had a bad car accident and have not been able to drive since then.  I have recently started using the SCWL Self Confidence (#30) tape and I now find, I can drive the car without getting into a panic, which I used to, before using the tape.  I'm quite confident I'll be driving with ease very soon and I'm grateful to you for marketing these tapes because it has given me a second chance at independence.  Gwen Blair - Morangbah Qld (LOF)


#33  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity of experiencing the new heights I've reached by listening to the program The Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking (#33).  There has been a dramatic change in my life, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I give the SCWL programming tapes my highest recommendations. J.L.J.


#34  I'm writing to thank you for all your help and information about subliminal techniques.  I want to tell you how much the tapes have helped me personally in increasing output and volume to my business.  They have also had a remarkable influence on my family, including better study habits and a much happier environment for my three sons.  Your SCWL tapes have also had a dramatic effect on the performance and sales volume of others in my direct marketing organisation.  I see the tapes as an invaluable tool for anyone building a business.  As a sales trainer and motivational speaker I strongly urge people to be involved in a continuing self improvement course.  I see SCWL as a strong addition to the programs I have used - a solid reinforcement.  I now have my home completely wired and constantly have your tapes playing.  I just can't say enough about your programs - we are all SCWL users and supporters for life.

Van C. Stockwell - President Stockwell Associates

#35   Recently I purchased the subliminal tape Improve Study Habits (#35) and have found that it has in fact influenced my thinking.  I have been unemployed for over 12 months now and have had plenty of time to study subjects which I long ago decided would be of benefit to me in the future but could not bring myself to study.  Before I used the tape I kept on dodging study and reading and suffered continuous physical body tension as a result.  When I first used the tape all my body tension simply vanished completely, the first time I used it (the first time was a one hour period).  I have played it regularly since and now have lengthy study periods as a matter of daily routine.  I actually feel enthusiastic towards study and reading nowadays because of the influence that the Improve Study Habits tape has had on me.  The tape has worked well because I sincerely wanted to improve my study habits.  That is the key If you sincerely want to acquire or to get rid of some attitude of mind but find it overwhelmingly hard then the appropriate subliminal tape will greatly help.  Yours sincerely, Garry Bryant - Brunswick Heads 


#36: -Reports private tutor Bennet Morrison of Hollywood, Florida:  "One of my students got panicky when he had to sit exams.  I gave him a tape called Passing Exams with Flying Colours (#36) and it really helped.  I became intrigued by the tapes and got almost every one in the catalogue and I lend them to the people.  This is a useful tool to help yourself move in a certain direction".


Dear Sir,

     Please find enclosed my cheque for $145 to cover the tapes, book and postage we spoke of today.  As already mentioned I am particularly pleased with program #36 Passing Exams with Flying Colours.  I listened to this tape extensively during the 6 week lead up to my exam, and found, to my great delight, that the extreme nervous tension which had always plagued me throughout my school days was suddenly absent.  Whether or not I passed with ‘flying colours' I have no way of knowing, my exam notice merely stated "pass", which was all I really needed to know.  It is not easy to be doing an external tertiary course at 60.  Even though a great deal of effort is put into it, exam time was always a stumbling block because of tension and stress.  This exam was the first one without all this torment and I firmly believe that program #36 should get the credit.  I look forward to receiving my new tapes in due course and hope that they too will be equally as successful.  Yours faithfully,  Hildur Robertson - Mt Pritchard (LOF)


My son, John, is now seven and was born with a genetic disease, having no name to it because funding was dropped before they had one for the disease.  The University of Colorado Medical Centre ran tests long enough to find out he was one of only 4000 children in the U.S. that has this, in 1978.  They told me he was very intelligent but had a motor problem and would always have trouble in school.  They couldn't really tell what else he would have to live with.  He could not put his mind and hands together.  The principal and teachers are very concerned with John and put him in special classes.  He was always very depressed, he felt as if he was dumb.  To work with him was very hard.  He always wanted to quit.  "I can't do it", he would say.  I honestly figured he'd always be this way.  One night I had gone to a SCWL meeting.  I became very interested in what was said about these tapes on subliminal techniques so I purchased the one on Passing Exams with Flying Colours (#36) thinking mostly of my other children.  To my amazement, in just days, John was bringing papers home that were beautiful, clear and finished!  Enclosed are before and after papers, I'm sure you can see his improvement.  John's even a new person.  Very happy, ready to listen to all my tapes.  So we now have

him on #60 for Reading.  He plays it often and is very thrilled about them.  As John puts it "Those waves got in my head". P.S. & J.S.


Dear Sir,

     I wish to let you know that my son had good results in his examinations last year, this I feel was due to cassettes I purchased from your firm, on Passing Exams With Flying Colours (#36).  Thanking you.

     Yours faithfully,  Mrs. Helen Marshall, Westmead  2145  (LOF)


#44  Last February I ordered your Getting Into Exercise (#44) program.  I was somewhat sceptical about it, but I tried it out, listening to it every day.  The results amazed me.  I had tried to start a regular weight lifting program time and again, but could never really stick with it.  After using your tape, that problem disappeared!  I've been lifting regularly for over a year now, and have had some astonishing results.  I don't know what you put in those tapes but please don't stop making them.  My order for two more programs is enclosed.  Please send me information on becoming a distributor.  I live in Alaska and believe there is a great market potential here for your product.  Thank you very much. K.M., Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska



     "Ms. J.B. (a 27 year old body building enthusiast/instructor) does 1,000 leg-lift repetitions each day as a part of her regular floor exercise program.  I gave her our Exercise (#44) tape at her request and told her to return it in two weeks".  "Ms. J.B. returned in two weeks and reported doing 2,000 leg lifts daily with good results.  At the end of the third week, she reported an all-time high of 3,000 leg lifts and a general doubling of her floor exercises.  I would note that Ms. J.B. is currently unemployed and plays her tape a great deal".  "An interesting side effect, apparently from the tape, occurred to this lady's cat.  The cat has lived indoors ever since birth.  It has not ventured outside in five years.  The cat is also a little fat and sluggish.  When Ms. J.B. played her tape, the cat showed signs of increasing activity - pacing the room and finally running around the house quite playfully.  Ms. J.B. said she has started to let the cat outside every day, and the animal is much more active and is toning up!".    Prof. Phil Hansen (from a lecture)



     I recently purchased 2 tapes from you, Developing a Winners Attitude (#47) and Attracting Money (#523).  The results are very pleasing to me. I use the tapes daily; results are very subtle.  Even though I am still earning the same money it is going further.  Somehow - bills are paid with cash and I'm purchasing more things that I thought I couldn't afford.  I am branching into multi Level Marketing - also a result, I feel, of the tapes.  Success is guaranteed I feel, hence I'm ordering more tapes.  J. Archer - Laidley (LOF)


#49,#50,#415,#476: -

-    Each day I hear new reports of people getting excited about the results of their playing their chosen program.  Quite recently, a pharmacist friend of mine, upon being approached to sell our programs, indicated his need to be "sold" on the product.  As I know him to be a keen golfer I sold him my own Golf tapes.  Within three weeks his handicap has come down from 20 to 18 and he told me yesterday (as at the time of writing) that considering the continued upgrading of his game he expected to be rehandicapped to 16 at any moment.  I am following his success with interest and I am sure we shall soon have this pharmacy selling our programs.  I also have my own doctor (another golf enthusiast) trying the programs and to date the only response I have had is this: "I played the program all the way in the car to the coast, and went out and hit 6 pars in a row.  That I have never done before".   name withheld


 "My handicap went from a 7 to a 4."  "I was never confident about my putting and now I know the ball is going in the hole.  In 26 years I'd never broken 40.  In the past 2 years I've broken 40 five times with your Golf tapes."  "At my club I only broke 80 one time.  Now I consistently shoot in the 70's.  In the old days of professional golf, the only training was hitting golf balls.  Today the physical aspect of the entire person is being viewed as extremely important.  To most golfers success, their mental and emotional well being are equally valuable.  One of the tools I use very successfully is the SCWL

subliminal programs which are a passive training device that I wish had been around when I was a playing professional.   Dr. Mitchell - a PGA Pro



     I just wanted to let you know that on June 25th, I rolled my first 800 set ever .  I have been bowling for 25 years and that night I bowled an 843.  The best part was that I bowled a 777 in the first part of the league, which gave me the new world's record for 6 games of 1620.  I owe most of the success to your SCWL tapes that I have been listening to for 6 weeks.  I started out with the Concentration tape and the Approach tape only.  After two weeks of listening to just those two tapes, I began listening to the Release tape also.  I joined the professional Bowlers Association in January of 1984 and came close to cashing in the first four tournaments I bowled.  I started listening to the tape to develop a Winner's Attitude and in two weeks I cashed in my first PBA regional tournament.  Thank you,

Don R Parsons, Jr., Deer park, Maryland 21550 (LOF)


     Another friend of mine who has been Ten Pin Bowling for approximately 10 years, as also has his wife, recently told me that after playing the program Bowling, The Release (#52), for one week, they both went bowling and scored a Personal Best far above their normal score.


     Effective Speaking (#57) was the first SCWL program I used.  I wanted to overcome a life-long speech difficulty and become an effective public speaker.

Dr. Diana Hodgson


     Dear Sir,

     I am writing in regard to Program #60 Reading with Retention and Comprehension.  My son has been using the tape ever since we received it over a month ago, it seems to be helping him already.  They had their exams last week and his marks have improved.  Thanking you,

L. Battersby - Bundaberg 4670 (LOF)

#63: -

-    Dear David,

     Thank you for sending me the Personal Power Dynamics (#63) tape so promptly.  I can see you'll have to buy shares in a company that specialises in AAA batteries!  Yes, I have been playing the tape constantly.  It's great.  Please find enclosed my cheques.  I would like to order the following tapes:

     No 5  The Best in You; No 7  Overcoming Fear and Worry; No 30  Self Confidence - classical; No 45  Body Toning Through Mental Imagery; No 73  Appetite Control - contemporary; No 79  Self Discipline.  After writing this list out I came across the order form.  Perhaps I need the Concentration tapes!  Yours sincerely,

Margaret Hill, Box 1881R, Melbourne 3001 (LOF)


 -   Dear Sirs,

     We wanted to write a letter of appreciation to Midwest Research.  It has been 3 months since we first purchased tapes from SCWL.  During that time, the changes in our lives have been incredible.  We have gone from feeling tied down to a job that we weren't really happy in putting together a business which is already being quite successful.  We have had many experiences that we could directly relate to a tape that was in use at the time.  We've included an example of such an experience that my daughter had written about after she became a believer in the subliminal method.  Even at 11 years old, she is

convinced that subliminals do work!  We want to thank you for the weight we've lost and the happiness and success that subliminals have brought into our lives.  Thank you,

Kathleen Brottem, President

David J. Saker, Vice President


#64: -

-    Dear Sir, Madam,

     I have used your Psychoneuroimmunology wavetape (#64) with great success and have recommended it to my patients.  With best wishes,

Doris Brett Clinical Psychologist

Almond St, Caulfield 3162, 03-5283292 (LOF)


-    On July 15th, I received the tape Psychoneuroimmunology, the Beneficial Influence of the Mind on Health (#64).  I was scheduled for minor surgery on August 30 and I was trying to avoid the surgery by listening to the tape.  I listened to the tape every day, then on August 21, I was in an automobile collision.  At the scene of the accident the fear was that I would die due to head injuries from my head hitting the windshield, and the engine coming through the fire wall of the truck and puncturing my knee.  I was taken to the hospital by paramedics.  On the way to the hospital, I regained consciousness and knew immediately that I would be O.K.  I sustained severe damage to my hand and as I lay in the hospital I noticed that my cuts and scrapes on my hand were already starting to heal.  I didn't pay too much attention to it until a few days later, when I realised my hand was almost half way healed.  When they released me from the hospital they told me that I would be very sore for several weeks, and that my face would be swollen and black and blue for several weeks.  Within five days my face was back to normal, and I was able to use my hand again, and my knee was almost completely healed.

     I did have the surgery and they found minor problems with my ovaries and uterus, and they told me I would have to live with the pain and there was nothing they could do for me.  I have been back to the doctor since then for a check up, all the conditions they said I had have gone away.  I have no pain, and I am completely healed from my accident.



-    Jan, a trained nurse in Murwillumbah, suffered a relapse of cancer at the age of 34.  I had a relapse after 18 months and decided it was time to face chemotherapy again but at the same time I used the SCWL Psychoneuroimmunology tape (#64).  I was in the terminal stages of a relapse with leukemia which is always more serious than the first time and I was two weeks away from death.  I had lost all will to live and was prepared to die and looking forward to dying.  There was a lot happening in my life at that time and I sort of decided, hey, it'll be easier to die.  I didn't want to go through all the chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia again.  I wanted to be healed naturally if possible without any

chemotherapy treatment.  I would have been prepared to die if I couldn't be healed naturally.  I didn't want to face it all again.

     It was about a week after re-entering Royal Brisbane Hospital that Bev got me the tape.  I used to play it at night to put me to sleep instead of taking sleeping pills.  Also if I woke up during the night I would put the tape on.  As soon as I woke up in the morning I would put the tape on and I kept putting it on and on and on and hey! I felt fantastic.  For the first time I didn't feel afraid, it was just like, all the fear I ever had went away.  A couple of days after I had my chemotherapy the cancer cells started to reduce themselves but at the same time I believe that the tape had an effect on my overall wellbeing, a profound effect on my outcome.  I know it contributed.  Something started to work within me like it wasn't really my time yet and I regained the will to live.  All of a sudden I became very peaceful like I let go and gave things up to the divine power whatever that may be.  I believe there is something greater than me.  I became very positive.  That happened as a result of playing the tape.  I was there in hospital a whole month.  When I walked out of hospital I felt fantastic, even though I had no hair and wore a wig.  I looked as if I hadn't had a day's sickness in my life.  And when I came home they couldn't believe it when they saw me, especially my friends because they'd all seen me in hospital and then I was dying.  I was dead virtually.  I told them it was a Miracle.  I'd had the treatment and at the same time I'd been playing the tape and I'd been using lots of positive affirmations, even my husband was amazed.  He told me in bed that I was coming out with things he's never heard me come out with before.

     When I went back a week later, for my follow up treatment I took the tape with me and my doctor, she said: "If I didn't know your history I would not even pick up that there'd been anything wrong with your bone marrow.  It's perfect.  I looked at it for two hours, two whole hours and I could not find anything wrong with it and yet before it had been obvious, very obvious and that happened in the space of five weeks.  It is phenomenal.  I had the chemotherapy as well and I think both of them in combination with each other is ideal".

     When I went back for the second course of treatment I played the tape morning and night and I never even got sick from the treatment.  Never even got sick from the chemotherapy.  When I went in there I decided that I was going to get through these five days of treatment and I actually adopted an attitude where I enjoyed myself.  I was going to be there and I was going to have fun.  Everything was positive.  I had that treatment and then I had another bone marrow test and the doctor said "it was even better than the first test".  I have not experienced even one day's sickness since.  Three weeks ago I went

back and they couldn't find anything wrong with me.  I really feel happy to be alive, it's an overwhelming sort of feeling.  I love each new day.  I think the tape works for me, it helps.  I am now healthy and strong, I put it on when I do my housework and stuff.  I mow lawns and I've gone back to my job as a nurse.  Yeh, I'm powering.  I've put on 9 kilos.  My life is better than ever.  I'm alive for the first time in my whole life.

Jan Cross,  Murwillumbah



     Dear Sir,

     I have been married for 13 years to a very tolerant, wonderful woman.  Each year I ask her what she wants for Christmas and each year she responds "I want for you to have fingernails".  I am 43 years old and as long as I have had teeth, I have been biting my fingernails.  My nails were ugly and as hard as I tried to stop, I just couldn't.  I even tried that obnoxious tasting anti-biting junk that you paint on your nails and that did not work.  Nothing worked.  After 3 weeks of listening to your Overcoming Nail Biting (#68) tape, guess what?  I finally gave my wife what she really wanted for Christmas: "for me to have fingernails".  Unbelievable!  I am so happy I cannot begin to tell you.  I do not hide my hands in shame anymore, and I feel good about myself.  I am very glad that subliminal reprogramming has come out of the closet.  I wish this self help tool had been available years ago.  (I would probably be President of my company).

H.B. - Bowie, Maryland (LOF)



     Dear David,

     As you know, the Philadelphia Phillies used our automated relaxation environments throughout the season.  Actually the primary user was Steve Carlton, who made baseball history by winning the Cy Young Award for an unprecedented fourth time.

     I would like to acknowledge Midwest Research Inc. for the outstanding support you provided and, in particular, for the specially recorded program you prepared, for exclusive use by Mr. Carlton.  During that time Carlton listened to the tape you designed every day.  During the last two weeks of the season he won and completed three games, pitched two shutouts, struck out 34 batters, and yielded only 10 hits in 27 innings of superb pitching.  He even hit a home run.  Needless to say, that strong finish was instrumental in his being selected as baseball's top pitcher.

     Carlton's conditioning coach, Gus Hoefling, is convinced that the technique used on your tapes definitely make a difference and they will be employed even more

extensively next year, hopefully, all the way to the World's Series.  Thanks again, and we

look forward to an expanded business relationship with you.  Sincerely,

Ben Dati, President, Breakthru Environments (LOF)



     Dear Owen,

     Just wanted to thank you again for the subliminal audiotapes that you prepared for my world Record High Dive.  Although I don't know what subliminal suggestions were being communicated to me, I do know that I was very calm, relaxed and confident for the 172ft dive.  More importantly though, is the fact that I am one of the few divers ever to perform a World Record high dive without sustaining a serious injury.  That is quite a feat considering I hit the 52 degree water travelling over 100 m.p.h.  I truly feel that this was also due to the programming that I received from the tape.  I have been spreading the good word about Midwest Research and hope that I will help you as much as you helped

me.  Once again thanks for all the help and support.  Be looking for me on ABC's Wide World of Sports in April or May.  Warmest regards,

Rick Charls, 310S Prospect #35

Redondo Beach, California, 90277 (213) 543-4598  (LOF)


#408B (documented report: -)

-    Ursula uses the SCWL pain tape for occasional severe headaches and menstrual cramps.  She is in good health, 39 years old, stands five feet, seven inches tall and weighs 130 pounds (59kg).  She uses Advil and Sine-of for pain.  Her self-appraisal was comparatively low.  Ursula has played the tape about 45 times over the past year.  "If I play the tape as soon as I feel a headache coming on, the pain does not get as intense.  Sometimes the headaches are incapacitating (level 5).  By playing the pain tape, the pain level is reduced to the point where it can be ignored (level 2), and at times, it disappears



-    Tina is suffering from acute arthritis in the hands, back and feet.  The pain is very severe making concentration difficult (level 4).  She tried exercise to deal with the pain.  Her self-appraisal was very positive.  She is 51 years old, stand five feet four and weighs 160 pounds (73kg).

     She has used the tape about 80 times.  While listening to the tape she has no pain, but when not using it, sometimes the pain level increases to level 3 - constant, but still able to work.  Tina referred to the SCWL tape as a "miracle".  She stopped taking her  medication.  Others have mentioned that Tina now has a happy attitude - cheerful - walking and moving.  About the subliminal blocking tape, Tina stated:

     "I do not know what I would do without it.  It has answered my prayers.  My internist is amazed.  Health is now excellent - disease is still there but I maintain everything - exercising and living.  More confidence, better self-esteem, no pain for as long as one month intervals.  This tape has changed my life from a living hell into a decent human being.  Thank you".


-    Sue has pain in her shoulders and back from arthritic spurs on cervical, thoracic and sacral areas of her spine.  The pain was almost continual and very severe, making concentration difficult (level 4).  Otherwise she is in good health.  She is 57 years old, five feet seven inches tall and weighs 160 pounds (73kg).  Her self-appraisal was positive, but she felt that she is not organised, lonely and sometimes overwhelmed.  Stress producing events included being laid off from her job, losing her farm and having her mother move next door.

     Since acquiring the SCWL Pain tape, the most intense pain is level 3, constant, but still able to work.  While the tape is playing, Sue either has no pain or is only aware of it when attention is directed to it.  Sue reported "that she received greater benefit than she expected.  When pain becomes incapacitating or prevents sleep I use the tape and experience relief within minutes, usually before the tape shuts off.  Benefits are overwhelming.  Husband used pain tape for chest pain due to hiatus hernia, with marked results".


-    Rose has constant severe arthritic pain in her joints, especially in her knees.  She tried relaxation and naturopathic remedies to cope with the pain.  She is 67 years old, stands five feet seven inches tall and weighs over 200 pounds (91kg).  Her self-appraisal indicated that she feels pressured, bored, unsure, ordinary, tired and at times disorganised, confused, shy and lonely by choice.

     Before she started using the SCWL subliminal program for blocking pain, her pain was severe, making concentration difficult (level 4).  She has played the tape about 200 times for more than an hour at a time.  While listening she is only aware of pain when attention is directed to it.  At other times she can ignore it.  Furthermore, Rose has fewer headaches and leg cramps.  She reported "The pain has all but vanished and I am able to get around more.  I seem calmer, happier and more efficient and look better.  My son borrowed it after surgery and it took the edge off his pain.  I have a great many of the other SCWL tapes also.  I am no longer young but your tapes have made life much pleasanter".


-    Patricia is 46 years old, weighs 90 pounds (41kg) and is five feet two inches tall.  Other than suffering from herpes zoster (shingles) and being a little underweight, she is in good health.  During attacks she has constant and severe and at times incapacitating pain in her back and legs much of the time.  The breakouts usually last about a month or longer from start to finish.  Rarely does she go an entire month without a breakout.  To deal with pain, she uses medication (percodan), physical therapy and exercises.  Patricia has had to deal with some stress.  She recently moved her place of residence and her mother's health has taken a turn for the worse.  Her self-appraisal indicates a positive self-concept, although she indicates that she feels pressured and tense at times.

     At the time of survey, Patricia had been using the pain tape for about 15 months.  Before that time her pain averaged level 4 (very sever pain with concentration difficult) during attacks.  She plays the tape at least two hours a day when symptoms start, then for an hour each evening after blisters have broken through the skin.  With the tape playing her pain drops to a low level where it can be ignored.  After playing the tape during a breakout, the pain builds up to the point were she is in constant pain, but still able to work.  She had reduced her reliance on medication considerably.  Patricia wrote the

following comments:

     "I take a lot less aspirin and Anacin.  I have gone from 100 to 150 percodan a year to 20 to 30 a year.  When I take percodan for pain, all I can do is go to bed; on a half pill Ican still function, but still hurt. Now I spend a lot less time knocked out in bed.  I have to be more careful - you don't feel the pain on a cut or any hurt, you have to go hunting for where the blood is coming from.

     I have 34 SCWL tapes.  I have two going at all times, I think they are the greatest.  No amount of money could buy my number #64 (Psychoneuroimmunology) and Pain tape".


-    Nancy is 61 years old, weighs 140 pounds (64kg) and is five feet four inches tall.  She suffers from osteosclerosis of the spine and has some arthritic pain.  To deal with the pain, she uses exercise, relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis.  Her self-appraisal indicates a positive self-concept that would be totally positive if she were working at a job being of service to people.

     At the time of the survey, Nancy had been using the pain tape for about 11 months.  Before that time she rated her pain at level 2 (pain can be ignored at times).  She plays the tape (30 minutes) at least 12 times a day.  Without the tape she has almost constant pain up and down her back.  While playing the tape, the pain level drops to the lowest level where she is only aware of it if attention is  directed to it.  When the tape is playing "I think less about pain or discomfort, therefore I have less pain.  It is much easier to stay relaxed".


-    Mona, a 45 year old, 120 pound (55kg), five foot two inch woman is in constant intense incapacitating pain from shingles.  Otherwise, she is in good health.  She has used relaxation techniques and mind control to deal with pain.  Her self-appraisal indicates a positive self-concept and she feels pressured, disorganised, tense and tired.

     When in pain, Mona plays the pain tape continually for hours and hours until free from pain.  During the first eight months of use, she played the tape more than 150 times for several hours at a time.  Prior to having the tape, Mona rated her pain at level 5.  During and after use her pain level dropped to zero.  She has been free of pain for the seven months prior to this survey, Mona indicated that she felt healthier from listening to the pain tape and friends mentioned that she could now do things.


-    Kay is 53 years old, weighs 165 pounds (75kg) and is five feet four inches tall.  She is recuperating from a very serious broken ankle.  A fall resulted in a three inch spiral fracture to the right tibia, two other broken bones, destroyed ligaments and ruptured blood vessels.  Torn skin left the ankle joint open and exposed.  She almost lost her right foot on two occasions due to infection.  She does not like to take pills but did use medication while in the hospital.  She has also used exercise and relaxation techniques to cope with pain.  Her self-appraisal indicated a strong self-concept with "unsure" and

"discouraged" as the only restrictive characteristics.

     When Kay first received the pain tape, her pain level was 5, intense and incapacitating.  Within a few days the intense pain subsided and her pain medication was reduced.  She has since used the pain tape for more than 150 times.  Kay is still working through three skin grafts, swelling and osteo-arthritis.  She is still in constant pain.  As long as she plays the pain tape three times a week, it seldom gets worse than level 2.  While listening, her pain disappears and she has no sensation of pain.  She was not using any prescription medication for pain at the time of the survey.  She states: "I'm not a pill

taker so I use the tape and relax.  Others have mentioned that I am not irritable".


-    Ivan is a 52 year old professor who is in relatively good health, but is overweight and out of shape.  He suffers from severe sinus headaches in left eye socket for 3 to 5 days, several (4 to 7) times a year.  To deal with pain he uses hot showers on face, Sine-off and sleep.  His self appraisal was positive with the exception of being depressed, disorganised and tired.

     Ivan has played the pain tape about 60 times over an 11 months period.  He uses it continuously for a few days when having headaches.  Prior to getting the pain tape, Ivan rated his pain level at 4 (very severe, concentration difficult).  If tape is not used with headache, the pain still reaches level 4.  With use the pain is held to level 1 and occasionally level 2.  He reported that the pain tape is most effective if used at first hint of headache.  He said "the longer I go without listening, the longer it takes for the tape to work and the pain to subside".  He finds that he uses less Sine-off and that the frequency of headaches seems to have been reduced.


-    Judy is a 54 year old, 150 pound (68kg), five feet seven inches tall woman who is recovering from a serious illness.  She suffers from intense incapacitating headaches, usually in the right temple, but at times in the left temple or on both sides.  Her headaches are accompanied by high blood pressure, kidney trouble and increased toxicity levels.  Reluctantly, she takes an antibiotic for the kidney infection and calen for her heart.  She prefers homeopathic remedies and has used relaxation techniques, rest and cranial manipulation by a doctor of Osteopathy for relief from pain.  Her self-appraisal indicates a positive self-concept with "shy, tired and disorganised" as the only tethering


     Judy has played the pain tape at least 150 times over a 14 month period.  When she first used the tape, the pain got worse after the first day of listening.  It took two days for her to feel good.  Without the tape, she was not as well as before first using it, she rated her pain at level 5 (intense incapacitating pain).  When using the pain tape her highest pain intensity is level 4 and "I am more relaxed and pain is less intense, I'm more comfortable".  Since using the pain tape others have reported that Judy is less stressed, calm and more productive.

     Judy is still "very weak from recent heart problems and kidney infections, but on the road to recovery and gaining strength each day, with much confidence.  Even if there were no other benefit I feel so good when I hear the sound of the waves.  I grew up near the ocean and I can't imagine a more relaxing sound".


-    Heidi has high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol.  She is overweight and suffers from degenerative osteo-arthritis.  She has back problems and continuous pain in her knees.  Use of medication is limited.  Aspirin helpful, but she cannot use it.  Clineral helps relieve pain temporarily.  She is 65 years old, stands five feet four inches tall and weighs 220 pounds (100kg).  Self-appraisal indicated considerable indecision.

     Heidi used the pain tape about 80 times for 30 minutes to an hour over an 18 month period.  Before receiving the tape and at times since, the pain intensity was rated at level 3 (constant, able to continue work) and 2 (can be ignored at times).  Playing the tape reduced the pain level to 2 and below.  ".... when used regularly over a period of time helped ignore pain and be useful".


-    Gayle is 72 years old, stands five feet six inches and weighs 200 pounds (91kg).  Retired, she is busy with crafts, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, macrame and several others.  She suffers from back and chest pains after lying down.  Sometimes her knees ache at night attributed to arthritis.  Otherwise she feels that she is in good health for her age.  She uses relaxation techniques, Tylenol and a prescription for chronic glaucoma.  Her self-appraisal indicates a positive self-concept.  She indicates desirable characteristics and was undecided on the following three items: tired-vigorous, shy-leader,


     Prior to using the pain tape Gayle classified her highest intensity of pain as 3 (constant pain, still able to continue to work) there is no consistent pattern to use of the pain tape.  She plays it whenever she has pain or wants to relax.  She has used the tape more than 150 times over the year and a half that she has had it.  Since using the pain tape, she no longer suffers from the back and chest pains and "when arthritis makes my knees ache at night - the tape eases pain within 5 - 10 minutes and then I can relax.

     A friend mentioned that now she can get up and down without effort.  When she

returned her survey questionnaire, Gayle sent the following note:   "When I ordered the pain tape - it hurt my chest to move in bed.  Couldn't take a deep breath without pain and when I got out of bed, I couldn't straighten up until I walked around a bit.  After I'd used the pain tape only a couple of times - the problem was no more.  Since then I have not had any such discomfort.  I do use the tape now and then if my knees ache at night.  As a rule, the ache eases or disappears within 5 to 10 minutes and I can sleep.  The tape has certainly been a blessing for me and I do appreciate the privilege of being able to have it".

     Thank you.  - Gayle (signed)


#408B: -

-    Dear Midwest          24 March,1988

     I have been suffering from migraine headaches for thirty years.  I had to quit my job as a teacher because I was having too much pain practically everyday and going to work was more than I could stand.  It is very difficult to function normally with a vascular headache that would turn into a full migraine within one hour of the onset, or if the pain wakes you up at 2am, and a few hours later you are

vomiting, your whole head is throbbing, your neck and back are as stiff as a board, and your eyesight is affected.

     I have seen all sorts of doctors from psychologists to chiropractors.  I attended pain clinics, was given pain killers, tranquillisers, muscle relaxant, shots of cortisone and pain medicine.  I have seen neurologists who told me that I had scalp spasms.  Other doctors said I had myofascia.  I was sent to biofeedback, received massages, went to physical therapy etc.  All to no avail.

     After many trips to the emergency room, I finally tried acupuncture.  That seemed to work, however, if I had a migraine that started at 2am on Saturday morning, I had no way to receive acupuncture until Monday or Tuesday when the doctor could fit me into his busy schedule.  Needless to say, I could never plan any activities, never knowing where or when the devastating pain would decide to strike!

     A few months ago, I saw the Pain Relief (408B) advertisement on the pamplet.  I called in to get additional information, and decided to try it.  Within days I received the tape in the afternoon mail.  I played it from that afternoon until bedtime.  At 3.30am I was awakened by the pain.  I got up, played my tape.  I turned on the T.V. to try to focus my attention away from the pain.  I was still wondering what kind of day I was going to have again, not really knowing if the tape was going to alleviate the pain or not.  By 7.00am the pain was almost gone.  On a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being the most severe) the pain was down to a 4.  It seemed to stay at that level for a few days.  I continued to play the tape day and night on my auto-reverse tape player.

     One morning I got up and realised I was pain free!  The muscles in my back and neck were loose.  I could finally reach the spot between my shoulder blades.  I could turn my head to the right a lot further than I had been able to in the past 15 years.  I could not believe it!  The relief brought tears to my eyes but I was still wondering if it would be lasting.          It has been a few months now and I have not had any pain in the head, the neck or the shoulder blades.  No more herringbone patterns (Scotoma) to warn me that the migraine was on its way, no vomiting, no pills.  The best part is that if ever I am awakened again by a splitting headache, the pain relief tape is on my nightstand.  All I have to do is press the ‘play' button on the tape player.  Just as easy as that!  I know that soon, the pain will disappear and I will be able to continue with my daily activities.  Thank you Midwest Research for giving my life back.  I am no longer controlled by the pain and forced into mere existence.  Sincerely,

Yvonne (LOF)


-    For over 10 years I had severe pain in my back and my left leg.  So much so that pain pills, aspirin and so forth didn't give me very much relief.  I first used a wheelchair and then a cane.  I was in use of the cane for a total of two years or more.  On February  21, I purchased the SCWL Stop Pain (#408B) tape from you. I played it steadily for about a week.  I was driving from Birmingham on the 28th of February to Mt. Pleasant, and I got about half way to Saginaw and all at once I got a faint sensation feeling like a straight line moving from my heel right up my leg and hip into the lower part of my back.

Almost like if you took your fingernail and just followed it right up through from the heel to the back.  A few minutes later, I commenced to feel my pain going away.  By the time I got to Saginaw, I was comfortable.  Now it is almost three months later and I haven't had any pain since.  I even played golf last Monday afternoon with no pain and haven't used the cane.

S.M. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan


-    Over the past seven years I have had three operations and daily physiotherapy for acute pain caused by illioinguanal hernia and extensive nerve damage to my groin.  Thanks to your pain relief tape I am no longer dependant on pain killing drugs - of which I was consuming dangerous amounts.  I play your pain relief tape daily and am not only relieved of pain but also of the toxic effects caused by the prescribed drugs on which I had been dependant.  Thank you SCWL.

James Sanders - West Kempsey NSW

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