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#18 – Superstar Performance for Athletes – (cassette or CD)
There was a time when the four-minute mile was just a dream. For decades a 100-goal season for the NHL was way out of reach. It seemed no one would ever hit 61 home runs or 716 in a lifetime. Who could have dreamed that a 17 year old “kid” would win the Grand Slam at Wimbledon? Will anyone ever hit 100 home runs in a major league season? Probably! Will anyone ever run a 3 ½ minute mile? Probably! Will anyone ever hit 400 again (Since Ted Williams’ 406)? Probably!
This SCWL program is geared to improving your athletic ability at any level. In addition to conventional techniques, this program uses timing, breathing and concentration, as well as exercise, performance and competition to release your ultimate potential. Athletic ability is not just physical, it is also mental. You will gain the mental edge in your sport with this SCWL program.

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    Other SCWL programs recommended to enhance the Athletes Performance are programs #10 Better Health Through Positive Thinking, #12 Total Concentration, #43 Increased Vitality, #45 Body Toning Through Mental Imagery, #46 Achievement Through Physical endurance, and #70 Enthusiasm.
    Your subconscious mind will make your timing automatic; Your breathing will aid your ability to perform; You concentrate all your mind's energies and you are the best at what you do; You always perform to the best of your abilities; Your ability to perform improves every day in every way
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