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The Power of Subliminal Messages






We all want to change something in our lives and in ourselves. Whether you want to lose weight, gain confidence, stop smoking, or start exercising, there’s some mountain in your life you’d like to move. You can change the way you think, feel, behave and respond!

The SCWL® subliminal programs accelerate goal achievement and utilize the goal-seeking tendencies of the mind in three ways-

  • By stimulating healthy motivated tendencies already present-Each of us has a natural way of relating and responding to experiences in our world- Subliminal programs build on these natural responses.

  • By putting in positive information in our brain, bypassing our mental blocks, negative tendencies or limitations- Consciously our thoughts can create barriers- subliminal input by-passes thoughts and directs new information to overcome the impact of conscious thinking.

  • By relaxing the listener allowing faster learning and recall. The surface layer of ocean waves achieves relaxation and is calming to most customers.The SCWL® subliminal programs are today’s ideal motivation tools to help you expand your thinking and alter or change beliefs in your abilities.

Subliminal is that information accepted by your subconscious into the brain that bypasses conscious screening or awareness. This absorbtion of information occurs indescriminantly NOW USING THIS TECHNOLOGY YOU ENGAGE CHANGE WITH DELIBERATE INTENT.
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