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The habit of smoking is an acquired pattern of action that is automatic, and is difficult to break. There must be a conscious DESIRE to achieve anything before the subconscious mind will supply the information required for you to change or break a habit. In combining your desire to change with subconscious programming, this overcomes the habit to smoke and quitting is therefore entirely achievable. The program content deals with health, appearance, confidence, thinking, energy, oxygen, blood, self-image, achievement, success, and all of those things that cigarettes can rob you of. It is designed to make the behavioral transition as easy as possible. Because this program is designed to bring about changes within your being, both physically emotionally, the programming does often create a conscious / subconscious conflict, headaches or nausea may develop. Although this may be uncomfortable for  a time, this feeling indicates change is happening within you.
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    I am free of the need to smoke; My lungs cleanse and heal themselves; My lungs are healthy; I control my life. I am free of the urge to smoke in stressful situations
    Having purchased your #2 Stop Smoking program and I have realized a 50% reduction in my cigarette consumption within my 2 weeks. I would like some information regarding your Success series and believe I will finally have the answer to my smoking habit of over 20 years.
    B.C. Schenectady, New York
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