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#24 – Alcohol Abstinence from drinking
Alcoholism as habitual drinking is similar in its difficulties to weight problems. It is almost never the problem but the end result of deeper emotional problems. The same kinds of problems that cause weight gain can also be attributed to excess alcohol consumption. Stress, depression, anxiety, frustration, unhappiness, low self-esteem and rejection are feelings often connected with this condition. With the desire for alcohol, a chemical imbalance in the brain can be occurring but this SCWL program has been developed as a method to help in abstaining from drinking.

This SCWL program keys on enjoyment, feeling good, achievement, being happy and healthy, confidence, self-image, liking what you see in yourself and choosing not to drink alcohol. It works on freeing you of the dependence on alcohol. It is designed to create loving feelings, generous feelings, creative and useful feelings. It creates strength and patience. Your choice is not to drink alcohol; it is to be free of the dependence on alcohol.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this Technique are #3 Stress Control or #8 Depression if they represent a problem, #9 Happiness, #10 Better Health through Positive Thinking, #26 Get High on Life, #31 Elevate Your Self-Image, #43 Increased Vitality, #61 Feeling Love, Giving Love, #64 Psycho-neuro-immunology.
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    You feel good about yourself; You choose not to drink alcohol; You choose to be a happy and healthy person; You see yourself as a calm, relaxed person; You like yourself as a person; You feel you are loved; You have a healthy mind and body; You are calm...patient...creative...useful...loving and playful
    What SCWL has done for me
    For approximately one week, my wife played the Controlled Drinking (#22) and Positive Thinking (#33) without my knowledge. I stopped drinking. (I used to drink a case a day on the average). I have lost 31 lbs (14kg) in 31/2 weeks. My attitude at home has changed, also with friends and outsiders. I've developed a more positive way of thinking and doing things. I feel GREAT.
    D.S. Sydney Australia

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