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#28 AGORAPHOBIA- Fear of Open spaces:

#28 AGORAPHOBIA- Fear of Open spaces:

SCWL programs recommended for support with agoraphobia are programs 
~#3 Stress Control, ~#21 Deep Relaxation, ~#30 Self Confidence, ~#39 Calm Your Nerves – The Subliminal Tranquilizer and ~#65 Relieving Anxiety.
#28 – Agoraphobia is the Fear of Open Spaces:
This is the fear that keeps people out of the mainstream of life. Being exposed to people or crowds in open or public places can cause panic or anxiety attacks. It places tremendous limitations on the activities of these people. Seldom are they anywhere without a support person (a person they trust and count on when going anywhere in public.)

This SCWL program is designed to put the agoraphobic person back in control. Fears will dissolve and disappear. Self-0image and confidence building affirmations, loving and forgiving thoughts, a clear and calm mind helps create new attitudes for the agoraphobic to become an active, energetic, outgoing person once again, getting things done and accomplishing desires without any limitations. Examples of affirmation might be; “You are a good deserving person that people like.” “You like people,” and you begin seeing yourself as the person you want to be. Your reactions diminish and become normal because of your complete control.
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    SAMPLE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES CONTAINED ON #28 for overcoming agoraphobia are: You are a whole person; You are intelligent; You have control over your life; The world you live in is good; You are a loving and forgiving person; You are a deserving person; You are a valuable person; You have much to offer;
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