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# 352 - Overcoming Paralysis
Supplying affirmations of belief in yourself and in your abilities is a vital part of this program. You believe in, you see it and you command your body and mind to work together. You believe in the power of your mind and in your ability to improve each and every day. Created to restore muscle function and written with the help of several doctors.
This program was originally recorded for a stroke victim in a Mississippi State Institution who acknowledged wonderful results with use of this program. Some time later, it was offered to a number of others with paralysis difficulties unrelated to strokes and in ALL cases, a noticeable improvement was detected. This program is not intended to replace medical treatment or physical therapy. Rather, it is intended to assist in the medical and physical treatment of individuals having a interruption to their normal function and/or individuals suffering with paralysis. It should be noted that frequent use of the program is suggested for optimal results as this rehabilitation can take time but success can be achieved with determination
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