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#37 – Meditation  – CD
Meditation is a technique to quieten your mind, sometimes to the point where you can see your thoughts. You have within you the power to reach Infinite Intelligence. Meditation, positive emotions or feelings will help you tap your source of Infinite Intelligence.
Meditation is an important key to putting your life in proper perspective, or centering yourself. With meditation, you can release universal energy for health and prosperity, as well as relax and clear your mind, which allows new thoughts and energy to come to you. There are many different types of meditation techniques that can be used.
The SCWL program: ‘Meditation’ does not focus on any specific meditation technique. It will work to enhance any technique you may already be using or those who have never meditated before can use it. There is verbal introduction on this program that explains the goal of the meditation exercise and then takes you through a breathing exercise designed to enhance your mediation period. The program keys on love, inner peace and understanding.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with these techniques are programs:
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    You feel oneness with the universe; Each day brings a new peace and understanding; Meditation refreshes and replenishes your mind's creativity; You see yourself understanding and loving your life; You are growing spiritually.
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