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#65 – Relieving Anxiety - 
Anxiety is a fear or dread that lacks a specific cause. These feelings of uneasiness and apprehension can become intense. Severe anxiety attacks are often accompanied by physical symptoms. Anxiety is a feeling you have caused by a state of uneasiness, apprehension or worry. Anxiety is an intense fear or dread within that lacks a specific cause. Many times, the physical body reacts to these feelings and severe anxiety attacks occur.

This SCWL program Anxiety was designed to help with controlling the symptoms of anxiety. Bringing about a calm, relaxed, anxiety free condition, seeing oneself as a calm relaxed person who controls excitement, and controls pressure situations are key points of this program. It promotes regular exercise, instils confidence in making decisions, and builds a positive attitude about being a happy, healthful, relaxed person who is in control.

Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #3 Stress Control, #9 Happiness, #21 Deep Relaxation, #39 Calm Your Nerves –The Subliminal Tranquilizer, #40 Exercise Patience and Understanding and #64 Psychoneuroimmunology.
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    I am calm; the flow of oxygen is constant throughout my body; I handle excitement and remain calm; I see myself as a healthy, happy, relaxed person; My body uses its own natural healing fluids to calm my nerves whenever necessary
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