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In the context of this SCWL program are take charge concepts. Become a person who has the discipline to follow through with sound judgment and literally control your actions based on sound decisions you make. Become the master of your life by putting yourself in charge of what is best for you. 
This SCWL program could possibly be the most powerful program we have ever developed. Get in control, take charge of your life by developing the self-discipline needed for your own success.
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    Other SCWL programs recommended for use with this technique are programs #5 The Best in You, #11 Success Motivation, #14 Stop procrastination, #15 Develop your Creativity, #30 Self Confidence, #31 Elevate Your Self Image, #47 Developing a Winner’s Attitude and #48 Reaching the Top – Thinking and Being the Best.
    I am in control; I make good choices; I always think before I act; I am persistent; I am focused and awake; I always exercise sound judgment; I am honest with myself at all times; Self discipline makes me successful in all things; I feel good being the master of my life; I like myself and I let it show
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