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Custom Birthing Programs – Subliminal Programs
#414–Pre-natal Labour and Delivery -This is a three-part program concerned with pregnancy, labour and delivery with references made towards natural childbirth. During the pregnancy, it is directed toward maintaining a healthy body and improving the muscle strength you will need for labour and delivery. Pregnancies are a very challenging, intense, physical and emotional experience and you handle this experience calmly and with confidence. The birthing process is natural and easy. This is due to the care and exercise during the pregnancy and the breathing techniques you have learned. With the birth of your child, you become ecstatic, grateful and proud and develop a tenderness and attachment to your loving infant.
#416–Enlightened Birth and New Life -This program prepares the mother for the spiritual act of bringing forth new life. With love, acceptance and awareness the new life is prepared for life on Earth prior to being born. The birthing experience will be easier and a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy, labour, delivery and lifetime are key points of the script. Childbirth, through proper preparation can be a totally painless positive and loving family experience. Combined with “Deep Relaxation” this program has already produced the easiest delivery one hospital has ever seen.
#512–Pre-natal Care–Mother and Baby-This program is a very loving program between a Mother and her unborn child. The affirmations are directed at the unborn child as well as the Mother in regard to a healthy pregnancy and a strong healthy delivery. The script is caring, loving and confident. Perfect whole healthy and strong is the general theme.
#513–Labour and Delivery-This program was designed to help make the birth process as easy as possible. It is a preparation for the beautiful experience of birth, keeping the Mother in complete control with relaxed confidence.
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    Sample subliminal Affirmations:
    This is a three part program concerned with pregnancy , labour and delivery with references made toward natural childbirth.
    Perfect life is developing within me; I love the life within me; I love my life; The essence of life is within me; My pregnancy is a positive, natural physical process; I am happy; I am healthy; I love life; I give thanks for receiving perfect health; I pass through the three stages of labour with ease and control; I feel ecstatic, grateful and joyous; I feel proud and fulfilled at my accomplished task; I enjoy my newborn baby; I love my newborn baby
    You are a healthy baby; you are safely growing within my womb; you were conceived in love; I will always nurture you with love and affection; I will be strong and healthy for delivery; child...will grow strong and healthy within me; I prepare myself for the beautiful experience of birth
    Giving birth for you is a magical, mystical, joyful experience; You see yourself confidently handling birth; I concentrate deeply with each contraction;
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