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Custom Religious-Christian TITLES #474~#475~#486

Custom Religious-Christian TITLES #474~#475~#486

Custom Religious / Spiritual Programs – 
Subliminal Programs- 3 programs $60 ea
#474 Faith and Victory
This program contains quotes from the bible regarding faith, belief in God’s love and purpose in our lives, as well as victory over sin and evil.
#475 Health, Life and Spiritual Enrichment – (CD or Cassette)
This is a program of universal harmony designed to align yourself with all that is good and natural, getting in tune with inner peace, healing and universal knowledge. Open yourself to love, health and spiritual enrichment with this program.
#487 Healing in the Name of Jesus Christ – (CD or Cassette)
The entirety of this program contains all quotations by Jesus Christ on “healing” taken from the King James Version of The Bible.
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