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GAMING COLLECTION: 3 titles to choose from- $60ea
#494 – Subliminal Poker: Playing poker requires a variety of skills including consistency, attitudes and feelings. You must feel like you will win. You must maintain a winning attitude; however, you must become consistent in your playing and your betting.
Patience is important. Waiting and choosing the right poker hand to play is a matter of willpower. Self-control, confidence, concentration detecting tells from your opponents and discipline are all part of playing winning poker.
This SCWL program will help you play from a position of power, which is what you need to win at poker.
#DM4127 – Winning Blackjack: Winning at blackjack requires only two things. First, a winning attitude and second, consistently making the same decision about every combination possible. There is only one correct way to play any hand dealt and making the decision on every hand should be automatic. The variables in blackjack are where to sit, what amount to bet and who else is at the table and what kind of decisions they are making. This SCWL program will help you make the decisions necessary to win. It will help you create that winning attitude as well as help you make consistent decisions about each and every hand dealt.This program is based on exacting correct moves, remembering cards that are showing and cards played as well dealt to you each time
#1130 – Winning Numbers and Speculation: This program is written to help you tap into the universal knowledge-your inner knowing. Learn to trust your hunches, as they are your inner knowing at work. Attract winning numbers and winning number combinations, heighten your awareness of wisdom, power and knowledge within yourself, creating a winning consciousness. This program encourages you to act upon your hunches and intuitions.
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    Also of assistance:
    #79 – Self-Discipline -CD
    In the context of this SCWL program are take charge concepts. Become a person who has the discipline to follow through with sound judgment and literally control your actions based on sound decisions you make. Become the master of your life by putting yourself in charge of what is best for you. This SCWL program could possibly be the most powerful program we have ever developed. Get in control, take charge of your life by developing the self-discipline needed for your own success.
    #497 – Total Control; The Willpower Program
    This program is designed to strengthen your willpower to follow through with your decisions. Gain control of your life and accomplish the things you have chosen to do. No matter what goal you set for yourself, you’ll have the willpower and desire to see it through.
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